Christian Williams

Teacher, St Michael's Ashburton

Hi, I'm Christian Williams. I'm a teacher at St Michael's Ashburton.

I teach one-twos. I love it. Best job in the world.

The best thing about VU is the amount of time they put you in a classroom in front of real kids.

So you're not just sitting there with a book and reading about stuff that used to be popular about ten years ago.

No. You're in the classroom, learning trial by fire and I love that.

I had so much experience on the job, so when I walked out of uni with my degree, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.

Marisa Matthys

Principal, St Michael's Ashburton

We want our children to love learning, and I believe that Christian is the type of teacher, he also believes in that.

Christian Williams

It's a great place to be knowing that you can teach these kids how to change the world, that's what I love about my job.

Everyday these kids are going to do amazing things. I've got a kid that's going to cure cancer, I've got a kid that's building a rocket to Pluto.

You've got no idea the amazing stuff that happens in our schools.