Myra Robles

Nurse Unit Manager, Western Health

It's all about the patient's experience. We want them to have the best experience that they can here at Western Health. That's why I come in every day.

Hi, my name's Myra. I'm a Nurse Unit Manager for Western Health, Footscray Campus.

So our main aim is recruiting VU students because we find that their curriculum is robust. They focus on the cares of our diverse community.

As a VU student, we have certain layering supports for them. We have our clinical teachers, our educators and also our preceptors and mentors, which are our own staff, that they work with.

I feel very proud to see a VU student come through their training, and actually work a full-time job here at Western Health where they've trained.

To see them in the corridor to say, "Here I am at Western Health, this is where I wanted to be. Now I'm a valuable member of Western Health", and that's through VU.

(video ends)

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