Kayla McLeod

Account manager, Bauer Media Group

Before deciding to go back to VU to pursue my passions, I was sitting behind a desk at a government job, and really something that was totally left of centre of anything that I saw myself doing.

My name is Kayla, and I'm an account manager at Bauer Media.

I felt that VU really prepared me with the skills that I needed to go into the working world.

My lecturer Sally, she had a lot of industry connections.

Throughout the last semester we were connecting with them.

We were even working with them as real clients.

I was finishing off my last assignments, and I received an email from my lecturer Sally,

who said there's a really great opportunity, you know, we’d love to put you forward.

Literally I put my pen down, and I said yep, I'm ready for the interview. I went in.

Within two weeks of finishing, I started my first job in Media.

Pursuing a career is doing what you are passionate about and living your life based around that, and, you know, having a job that you love going to everyday.

Those three years of going back and kicking on were so worth it.