VU Graduate and Account Manager at Bauer Media

Going into work every day and working with brands that I used to have stuck on my walls, makes me feel like, you know, it happened.

My name is Kayla, and I'm an account manager at Bauer Media.

VU really contributed to my success.

My lecturer Sally, she had a lot of industry connections.

Throughout the last semester we were connecting with them. We were even working with them as real clients.

Made me feel really comfortable and prepared for the next step,  which is stepping into my career.

I was finishing off my last assignments, and I received an email from my lecturer Sally, who said ‘there's a really great opportunity, you know, we’d love to put you forward’.

Literally I put my pen down, and I said 'yep, I'm ready for the interview'. I went in.

Within two weeks of finishing, I started my first job in media.

Moving forward what success would look like for me, to stay in a job that pushes me, and to come home every day and feel like, I've done a good job, and I'm fulfilled, and I'm happy, and I could do this for the rest of my life.