Vannelyn Separa

Bachelor of Nursing student

Hi, my name is Vannelyn and I’m from the Philippines.

I came here to study at VU.

I chose to study Bachelor of Nursing at VU because they provide good quality of education and are well-equipped with the advanced technologies, like realistic laboratory situations.

As a nursing student, I’m learning a lot of skills before I proceed with my placements.

So we do blood pressure taking, administering medications and how to do IV medications.

Victoria University has taught me to be confident, with the exposure in different placements like hospital and community.

The things I like about VU is they promote cultural diversity and high quality of education, so we get to interact with people from different parts of the world.

To all those who want to be an international student, don’t hesitate to study and live in Melbourne because VU will be the first one to help you adjust and support you, even from your very first day.

Thank you VU for helping me achieve my career goals.