VU Breakthrough Ante - transcript

VU Breakthrough Ante - transcript


Ante Sentic

VU graduate and lawyer

I think what really drives me is I love giving back to the community. I just really love giving back to people. Helping people just provides me with great satisfaction.

My name is Ante Sentic and I am a Law Graduate at Hall and Wilcox.

I remember when I first walked in onto level 11 of the Rialto. It just felt amazing to be able to look out the windows, to see Melbourne from a different view, a view that I've never seen before.

I grew up in a low socio-economic community out in the west.

I've never really spoken English at home. I always thought to myself that there was the careers that you would see in the movies, and then there was the career that I thought that I would be able to get.

Well I remember when I first arrived at Victoria University Law School, I started my practical learning by volunteering at local community legal centres. The university had a partnership with a youth league legal centre out in Sunshine. That was a program that you could volunteer as a law clerk for six months, two days a week. So I applied for that program and I was successful. Before I knew it is was interviewing real clients and listening to real legal issues.

I was able to, not just go to university, I was able to take what I learned at university and go and apply it. And I think this was a really important part of where I am today because I was able to actually apply the skills and get my career rolling while I was still a student.

Su Robertson

Former VU Lecturer, Law & Justice

Here at VU, you get the chance really early on in the law degree to get that exposure to real life practice. That's what Ante did. He makes himself available all the time. He gives back, basically, and that's really motivating for our students. I know that he still does work when he can out in the community legal centres in the west, he's just one of those giving people.


VU played a big part and me obtaining a graduate position. As it was able to provide me years of practical experience. I was able to walk into an interview and into a workplace and demonstrate my knowledge, demonstrate my experience.

Being offered a position in the graduate programme at Hall and Wilcox was an absolute honour.

Gavin McRae

Partner, Hall & Wilcox

Ante's had a relationship with Hall and Wilcox even before his clerkship program as well. It's great to see him grow from a, I suppose a teenage boy now into a man that's going to have his first year position as a lawyer at a commercial law firm.


I was absolutely surprised to be given a first year lawyer position. I’m really looking forward to see where my legal career will take me.