Neil MacDougall

Master of Sport Business and Integrity

Hi, my name is Neil.

I hail from Canada, and my degree that I am studying is a Master of Sport Business and Integrity at VU.

Having worked at Rugby Canada, I notice and I could see a lot of foreshadowing with the course structure and the solutions it could provide in a national sport organisation.

When I chose the degree the city actually played a big part of that role, and VU being in the heart of the city, it was the best decision I could make.

To be honest what I’m enjoying the most about the program is the professors themselves. They teach you how to think critically, how to analyse and then apply it to a certain situation, whether it’s real or you experience it yourself.

Dr Eric Schwarz

Senior Lecturer in Sport Management

The reason VU graduates are attractive to employers is number one; they’re able to take the theory that they learn in the classroom and apply it in real world settings, and number two; they’re industry ready and able to hit the ground running when they enter a sport organisation.

Neil MacDougall

The role I have the Victorian Rugby Union is a part time role being the competitions administrator. I work closely with the Rugby Services Manager delivering the competition structure, the referees, and any governance in and around the competition of rugby within the state of Victoria.

As an international student, it’s a bit of a dream. AAMI Park, where the Victorian Rugby Union call home, I see from my lecture seat and it’s kind of surreal that what I’m learning I can apply directly to a building I can see.

Upon graduation my goal is to continue my path to becoming a Chief Executive Officer of a professional club or a national sport organisation.