Welcome from Professor Michael Stuckey - transcript

Welcome from Professor Michael Stuckey - transcript

Professor Michael Stuckey

Dean, College of Law & Justice

I'm Professor Michael Stuckey and I'm proud to be the Dean of the College of Law & Justice at Victoria University. I'm also excited to be part of a vision which delivers to students of the university great study opportunities, great work readiness opportunities and most of all, a great student experience.

The College of Law & Justice provides a range of programmes in law, justice and legal studies. Its core provision is the LLB, the qualifying law degree, which permits students to qualify as legal practitioners in the academic stages of their studies. We also provide a range of other programmes around law and justice and cover research studies up to and including doctoral or PhD levels.

The most distinguishing features of the College of Law & Justice are our unique location in the heart of the legal precinct in Melbourne and the fantastic employment and placement opportunities that that location offers VU law students. Our location is adjacent to all of the significant courts in the state of Victoria and a number of federal institutions as well and law firms are located in this area as are large government departments. That permits students to access work placements, internships and work experience opportunities in an unequalled and unique way, and it creates a great distinctive feature for this law school and its students.

Many of our staff are qualified barristers and solicitors and still practise in the profession as well as providing the normal lectures and tutorials for students. In addition to that, the college also has a range of professors, senior barristers and solicitors, and members of government departments which we can draw upon as additional staff members to help students make that transition from academic study to the world of the profession.

What internationalisation means is that students will have opportunities to study, study abroad and study at prestigious universities overseas with the ability to credit back those units of study into their degree here at VU. It also includes our regular overseas mooting or mock trial experiences where students compete with other law students from universities based overseas in clinical experiences. It's a great opportunity. It includes travelling to Vienna, Singapore and Hong Kong amongst other places.

Student experience really lies at the centre of what we do and why we are here. We want students to be able to say, "I had a great time at university. It gave me what I wanted and what I needed to launch my career, to gain the knowledge, gain the experience and the connections which helped me, but most of all, made my life bigger and broader."