Pooja Haria

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical Engineering) graduate

Home to me means being with people that care about you. I absolutely love being at VU and being surrounded by all these people that bring out the best in me, and I think that makes me feel like I am at home.

My name Pooja Haria, I'm studying mechanical engineering at Victoria University. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya, located in East Africa. I'm born in a family of four. We haven't really experienced the worst of Kenya, but there are parts of Kenya that are not doing that great. To be able to see that on a daily basis, and see what you have and what they don't have, just makes you very grateful for what you have.

Visiting an education agent back in Kenya and looking at all the options that they provided for mechanical engineering, Victoria University stood out the most. The course so far has been very challenging. I think it turned out to be better than what it was on paper and that's probably because of the lecturers itself.

I joined Victoria University Motorsport about two and a half years ago. I wasn't sure what the club was about, but I was like it might be worth going to one of the meetings. When I walked in to one of the meetings, it was this boys group. But after the first meeting I realised it's more about a passionate group of people working together to achieve one aim. The aim was design, build, and race a race car.

I'm very, very motivated and I know I've worked really hard for the past four years to get to where I am. If it wasn't for all the assistance and the care that I got from the university and the people in Melbourne, I don't know if I would of reached where I am.