Jennifer Byrne

Lecturer - Bachelor of Dermal Sciences

People ask “what is dermal sciences” a lot.

I guess it’s a skin speciality.

Somewhere it’s like bridging the gap between nursing, beauty therapy and also dermatology.

We don’t prescribe medications but we understand all the science behind how the skin works and how to make sure it’s functioning optimally as well. 

So we do everything from laser physics to chemistry, skin biology, anatomy and physiology and then moving into more clinical units as they go further along in the degree.

The degree in dermal sciences leads to a broad range of careers, all with a skin bent to them.

So everything from management, so they might be in skin clinics and doing management side of things, all the way through to working with dermatologists, cosmetic physicians, plastic surgeons so it probably is 60 to 70 per cent of where students go.

We actually have two pathways coming into the degree. We do have coming straight from school, and we also have coming from diploma.

The Diploma of Beauty Therapy offers a variety of different units, so everything from facials to massage then also doing hair reduction and things as well.

Stephanie Maria

Diploma of Beauty Therapy student

My name is Stephanie, I’m from Indonesia and I am currently studying the Diploma of Beauty Therapy in Victoria University Polytechnic.

My favourite part of the course is probably massage because I can feel like if the client is relaxed I’m also feeling really relaxed when doing that.

If you’re going to study here it’s going to be really nice because everyone is so friendly and you don’t have to feel hesitant to ask anything to anyone.

Levina Wirawan

Diploma of Beauty Therapy

I really like the teachers in Victoria University Polytechnic because they are really supportive, especially as an international student we need support and they are always there for us.

Jennifer Byrne

Why should students choose VU and dermal science and beauty therapy here?

Well we have been running the longest in terms of an English-speaking program, so we’ve been running for nearly 20 years and we’re also in the top 2% of universities worldwide, which we’re very proud of.

Dermal science itself, the industry is international. So it’s a growing industry all over the world, cosmetic procedures.

Being one of the only English-speaking degrees in the world, it’s something they can take wherever they go.