Nicola Stevens:

My name's Nicola and I'm the teacher for the Youth IT Careers Program at Victoria University Polytechnic. Infoxchange and Microsoft and Victoria University Polytechnic are in a three-way partnership on the program. Victoria University Polytechnic provides the formal education. Microsoft provides additional courses, and Infoxchange actually provides recruitment for the program so they support it from a recruitment perspective, and also from a employment perspective. The unique part of the program is definitely the use of our brand new neo robots which is very exciting so the students are actually learning how to program them, make them come to life, make them talk, which is awesome. Also, we have a new innovation hub which also has the VR glasses and other technology, so it's unique to the program, and I think it's we're the first to actually offer that within these types of programs so it's very exciting.

Student 1:

The best part was finding the internship sort of thing, and getting a foothold in the industry, because I didn't know where to start and stuff. Found out about YouthSpark, found out that I could get my way into IT and work my way up to it I guess, because I was doing heaps of other stuff before this. Hospitality, mechanics.

Student 2:

I think it's a good cause. It's very, it's got a lot of variety and it's not just boring classwork day in, day out. There's a lot of variety whether it be different classes or events or just the way we structure the work.

Nicola Stevens:

It's a multi-part program, it's not just one thing, but the end result is really to have students gain employment in IT.

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