Mel Penn

Victoria University PhD candidate

Hi, welcome to the Victoria university biomechanics lab. Today we'll be giving you an insight into what biomechanics is and what we do here in the lab.

As you can see, the biomechanics lab is pretty big, which allows us to work with a range of sport, such as hockey, AFL and cycling.

We could also do clinical research such as gait analysis.

These cameras make up our motion analysis system, which records the body's movement and allows us to precisely measure it in three dimensions.

And, a fun fact; these are the exact same cameras used to make video games and 3D animation movies.

We do a lot of research about kicking in AFL, rugby union, rugby league and soccer.

We capture the kicking motion using high speed video cameras and motion capture systems, allowing us to do detailed analysis using speciality software.

Our cycling researchers are working on to understand the range of motion during pedalling and find solutions to minimize injuries and maximise performance.

To reduce the falls for elderly people we study about balance recovery and strength.

We also study the walking pattern of elderly people when on the treadmill and also while doing an additional task like holdings a glass of water.

Our large lab space can host up to three different teaching and research activities at the same time. This helps us to conduct many research and teaching activities simultaneously without any delay.

Studying in VU is a unique experience. Our students not only learn new things, but also get to show their skills to the community. Our learning in the workplace program provides an opportunity for our students to work with the local school kids and provide video analysis feedback for their sports performance.

This is just the glimpse of what happens here at the VU biomechanics lab.

To see what other exciting things take place or find out more details, jump online and visit our website. We look forward to seeing you, very soon!

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