Special fees & charges

While studying at VU, you may be liable for a number of fees that are charged in special circumstances such as enrolling late or requiring a reprint of an academic transcript.

On this page you will find most special fees listed. Please note that these are subject to change.

Academic transcripts

There are several types of academic transcripts that you can request from the University.

Academic transcripts represent a true account of results achieved in each unit of study in which you have been or are currently enrolled. They include units of study which have been granted Advanced Standing or Recognition of Prior Learning.

Standard academic transcript

You will be provided with a digital version of your academic transcript at graduation at no cost (ie free).

For additional copies, the fees are:

  • Single copy: $25
  • Subsequent copies when requested at the same time: $12
  • Digital version:  $15.

Pre-2001 academic transcript

If you graduated before 2001 and require an academic transcript, you will be liable for the following fees:

  • First copy: $35
  • Subsequent copies when requested at the same time: $17.

Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)

The AHEGS is an internationally recognised document that provides potential employers and other institutions a greater understanding of the achievements of the graduate.

It describes:

  • higher education qualifications by award
  • the awarding institution and
  • the Australian Higher Education system.

An AHEGS document is only available to graduating Higher Education award students from October 2012. 

You will receive a free digital version at graduation.

You may also request additional copies at any other time by contacting VUHQ for the following fees:

  • Single copy: $25
  • Subsequent copies when requested at the same time: $12
  • Digital copy: $15.

Postage of transcripts

To receive your transcript via post, fees apply. Please note that Victoria University does not accept responsibility for delays in the delivery of your transcript.

  • Standard or international airmail: FREE
  • Express Post (Australia): $17
  • Express Post (International): $23
  • DHL Overseas Courier (trackable): $70.

Late enrolment & payment fees

You must pay your fees by the due date on your statement of account except for fees deferred through HECS-HELP, SA-HELP, FEE-HELP or VET Student Loan.

If you don't pay your fees on time, or provide your tax file number to defer your fees by census date, you might incur late fees, have your enrolment cancelled and lose your place in your course.

Late fees applicable are:

  • Late enrolment fee*: $155
  • Reinstatement of enrolment fee: $155
  • Rectification of Student Record: $155
  • Re-Issue of Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN): $10
  • Late payment fee: $155.

*The late enrolment fee will apply in the event that you fail to meet a published deadline. This is included but not limited to application for admission, unit enrolment or withdrawal.

Exam supervision

Non-VU students wishing to have their examination supervised by VU staff can apply to the Assessments and Completions Unit and will be charged the following fees:

  • External candidates sitting with VU candidates: $125
  • External candidates not sitting with VU candidates: $160.


The cost for you as a graduating student to attend your graduation ceremony includes gown hire and the graduation reception.

Graduation ceremony attendance

Guest tickets can be purchased at a cost (limited to 3 guests per graduate). If additional tickets are available, attending students will be notified two weeks prior to the ceremony.

The graduation attendance fee does not include any photography packages.

  • Graduation attendance fee for graduating students (Melbourne): $115
  • Guest tickets (each): $42.

Replacement documentation

Requests a recall, replacement and reissuing of official documentation**.

**Please note: Replacement Testamurs will be issued if they have been destroyed, damaged, lost or stolen. The replacement document will include a statement indicating that it is a replacement and the date it was issued. You must provide supporting evidence, such as a copy of a Police or Fire Report detailing the circumstances of the loss or theft. If an official report is not available please attach a signed and appropriately witnessed Statutory Declaration stating the details of how the document was lost/destroyed. If the testamur is damaged you must return the original version.

The fees incurred vary depending the form you are requesting:

  • Recall of archived Testamur: $31
  • Reissued Notification of Completion (electronic): FREE
  • Reissued official Notification of Completion (single hardcopy): $20
  • Reissued official Letter of Completion (subsequent hardcopy): $12
  • Reissued official Letter of Completion (subsequent hardcopy): $135
  • Replacement Testamurs (hard copy)**: $165
  • Replacement Testamurs (digital version – for those who graduated December 2017 onwards)**: $15.

Verifying documentation

Award verification international request (GST not applicable): $60

Award verification within Australia: $75.

Postage (Notification of Completion)

  • Standard local or international airmail: FREE
  • Express post (Australia): $17
  • Express Post (International non trackable): $23.

Postage (Testamur)

  • Testamur express post (Australia trackable): $23
  • Testamur express post (International non-trackable): $27
  • DHL overseas courier (trackable): $70.

Statement of attainment

A Statement of Attainment is applicable to VE (TAFE) students. The statement lists all units passed for courses recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework.

If you are applying to study at another Registered Training Organisation (RTO) you should request a Statement of Attainment.

If you need an official University statement showing all your results for both Higher Education and TAFE courses you should request an Academic Transcript.

Statement of Attainment: $25.

Replacement Student ID

Replacement student ID cards can be requested online, simply upload your photo and your card will be prepared for collection at your preferred VUHQ.

There is a fee for lost ID cards unless you have a Police Report stating that it was stolen, in which case it is free:

  • Replacement for lost card: $30
  • Replacement for stolen card (if a Police Report is provided): FREE.