Current students

Cancellation or suspension of enrolment

The University is permitted (and sometimes obliged) to suspend or cancel your enrolment in certain circumstances. You can also apply to withdraw or take a leave of absence from your course. 

Visa information

The University is obliged to inform the Department of Education of any change to your enrolment. The Department of Education will automatically notify the Department of Home Affairs.

Your visa may also be cancelled if you are suspended for six months or more. If your enrolment is suspended or cancelled, it is important that you contact the Department of Home Affairs by calling 131 881.

The University can cancel or suspend your enrolment if you have:

  • unsatisfactory academic progress - your college makes this decision in accordance with the University's Student Assessment and Progress Policy after you have been given prior support
  • unsatisfactory attendance (for TAFE/VE/FE and ELICOS students only)
  • had disciplinary action arising from misbehaviour in violation of the student charter
  • not paid your course fees or provided your TFN to defer you fees (HE/VET students) by the relevant census date.

If you have any concerns about your enrolment you can contact us via:

Appealing the decision – International students

Under the National Code 2007, if Victoria University suspends or cancels your enrolment, you will be given 20 working days to access the University's internal complaints and appeals mechanism.

The University will give you information in writing about the complaints and appeals process. You can also refer to the Student Complaint Resolution policy for further detail. 

If you believe your issue has not been resolved via the internal complaints and appeals process, you can appeal to the Victorian Ombudsman. The ombudsman will only assess the appeals handling process, and cannot overturn the University's decision to suspend or cancel your enrolment.

Policies & procedures

Victoria University's enrolment policies and procedures can be found in our policy library: