VU Vollies

By joining our VU Vollies Program, you'll have many opportunities to take part in volunteer activity at the University and in the broader community.

All current Victoria University students are eligible to join the Vollies program.

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In 'VU Vollies':

Activities Vollies are involved in

Vollies have the chance to help deliver some amazing events alongside the Student Life team throughout the year, including O-Fest (orientation), Multicultural Fest, Welcome Fest and Clubs Fest.

Vollies take part in a number of activities such as

  • assisting & supporting the delivery of events
  • promoting university activities
  • welcoming new students
  • participating in the university mentor programs
  • attending and participating in leadership workshops and councils
  • various external opportunities.

A major part of being a Vollie is to assist at Orientation events. If involved in Orientation, you could be asked to:

  • lead campus and district tours
  • assist with serving lunches
  • oversee the safe use of entertainment and rides
  • direct network and icebreaker activities
  • answer any general enquiries
  • make sure our new students feel welcome and have an enjoyable Orientation experience.

Benefits of being a Vollie

There are so many wonderful reasons why you should be a Vollie.

A few reasons to become a Vollie are to:

  • connect with students from different campuses and backgrounds
  • make new friends and networks
  • develop personally and professionally
  • gain skills to increase future job prospects
  • invites to four of our social events per year
  • earn volunteer hours towards your Lead2 Change Program
  • access volunteering opportunities in the broader community
  • volunteer at V4U, VU's award-winning volunteer day
  • receive rewards and recognition for your contribution.

Vollies Experience points

Every event that you volunteer at will be worth a specific amount of points (you will hear more information about this in a Vollies training session).

At the end of each semester you will be sent a Rewards Pack which will include all the rewards that you have accumulated.

Rewards may include:

  • Vollies t-shirt and cap
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • double movie pass
  • First Aid Training
  • VU Hoodie.

Register to become a Vollie

Register your interest to become a Vollie in 2017.

Looking for volunteers

If you are an organisation looking for volunteers and think the VU Vollies might be a good fit you will need to consider the following:

  • the Vollies should be exposed to a healthy and safe environment
  • you will provide sufficient briefing, supervision and support to the Vollies
  • Vollies shouldn't be filling positions currently or previously filled by a paid worker
  • allow at least 3 weeks notice for your event, 1 month if you require more than 10 Vollies.

If this sounds like a good fit, fill out a Vollies request form

Contact details

Email: +61 3 9919 8774