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Aikido is a martial art with a difference. It does not seek to injure an attacker, but blends with their attack, dissipating its energy and from there the attacker is projected away or decisively pinned on the ground.

With exquisite mindfulness training, aikido can help you to develop astonishing relaxed power, balance and a deep, calm focus in the midst of action and most importantly, daily life! It is ideal for students and staff and anyone who needs a calm mind even when the pressure is on.

Come try a lesson any time or contact us for details about our next beginners' program.

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Judo is both a form of self-defence and Olympic Sport. Judo is also considered to be a beneficial way of improving physical fitness and self-confidence. The VU Judo Club operates in partnership with Resilience Training Centre in Footscray.

The club is also actively in assisting with VU’s representation in the Judo competition at the Australian University Games.

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Russell Freemantle
Phone: +61 3 9395 4963
Mobile: 0416 439 068
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Kendo is a martial art originating from Japan and literally translates to "way of the sword".

The Victoria University Kendo club is based at the Footscray Park campus and trains on Monday evenings, 6.30pm-7.30pm and Wednesday evenings, 6.30pm-8pm The head instructor is Kate Sylvester (5th dan), who is the current national coach of the Australian Kendo Team. We will be running two beginner's courses in 2016. Please contact the VU Kendo club by the email address below for more information.

The club is also actively in assisting with VU’s representation in the Kendo competition at the Australian University Games.

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Kate Sylvester
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Kickboxing is great for fun, fitness, strength and a cardio workout. Join for fun or train competitively for Martial Arts tournaments.

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Kacey Chong

Shorinji Kempo

Shorinji Kempo is both a traditional martial art and an excellent form of self-defence. Shorinji Kempo offers a training system that can be practiced by everybody regardless of gender or age.

Shorinji Kempo Melbourne City Branch trains at twice a week at Victoria University, Footscray Park: Footscray Park Aquatic & Fitness Centre, Level 0 Group Exercise Room.

Date & times of Shorinji Kempo training:
Tuesdays 7:30pm – 9:00pm
Saturdays 2:00pm – 4:00pm.

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Sean McCurry
Phone: 0400 667 375


The Victoria University Taekwondo club offers a high level of taekwondo training for complete beginners to elite players, focusing on sparring, poomsae (patterns), demonstrations with fitness, flexibility, and strength. Our club has achieved impressive results in the Australian University Games over the past few years, with multiple members receiving a green and gold medal.

If you are interested in building your fitness, strength, and flexibility in a highly professional and welcoming environment, please contact us for more details.

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Minseung Choi
Phone: 0413 536 980
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