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Professor Vincent Rouillard

BEng (Dist) (FIT), MEng (VicMelb), PhD (Monash)

Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering & Science

Vincent Rouillard holds a professorship in Mechanical Engineering at Victoria University where he also leads the Engineered Packaging and Distribution Research Group. He teaches a variety of Engineering units such as Vibrations, Dynamics, Computing and Experimentation.

His main research interests deal with the measurement, analysis and simulation of non-stationary and non-Gaussian random processes. Initially, this was applied to the analysis and simulation of random (water) wave fields. More recently, his research efforts have involved the characterisation and simulation of environmental shock and vibration with particular application to transport dynamics including pavement topography and the dynamic interaction between pavements, vehicles and products during transportation.

He has published 140 research articles to date. He is the foundation chair of the IAPRI (International Association of Packaging Research Institutes) Working Group for Distribution Packaging, a member of the Technical Board of the International Safe Transit Association, a member of the ASTM International Committee on Packaging and on the editorial board of the Journal of Packaging Technology and Science.

He has held visiting positions at Monash University, Cambridge University, DSTO and the Spanish Institute for Packaging, Transport & Logistics (ITENE).

Recent publications

Ainalis D., Rouillard V. and Sek M.A. (2016) Estimating the ride quality characteristics of vehicles with random decrement analysis of on-the-road vibration response data. Vehicle Systems Dynamics. Vol 54(6), pp 765–783.

Lepine J., Rouillard V. and Sek M.A. (2016) On the use of Machine Learning to Detect Shocks in Road Vehicle Vibration Signals. Packaging Technology and Science. DOI: 10.1002/pts.2202.

Lamb M.J., and Rouillard V. (2015) A Comparative Numerical Study between the Adaptive-Finite-Impulse Response and Fourier Transform Techniques to Monitor Structural Integrity. International Journal of Damage Mechanics. Vol 25(4), pp 449-467.

Ainalis D., Rouillard V. and Sek M.A. (2015) On-the-road measurements to establish the dynamic characteristics of transport vehicles. Packaging Technology and Science. Vol 28(8), pp 657-671.

Lepine J., Rouillard V. and Sek M.A. (2015) Review Paper on road vehicle vibration simulation for packaging testing purpose. Packaging Technology and Science. Vol 28(8), pp 672-682.

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Areas of expertise

  • Distribution/protective packaging
  • Experimental evaluation
  • Mechanics
  • Shock
  • Transportation Dynamics
  • Vibration

Contact details

+61 3 9919 4602