Associate Professor Tony Kruger has extensive experience in working in schools and higher education in Melbourne's Western region. His research and teaching have focused on the ways in which forms of education affect and are affected by social and economic relationships.

A core commitment in his teaching and research is to establish how education can contribute to a socially just society through practices which encourage authentic and successful participation by the least advantaged.

Over many years he has led the led development of partnership-based teacher education at Victoria University and the application of collaborative practitioner inquiry approaches in research and professional development projects.

Associate Professor Kruger's research students have successfully completed Master of Education and PhD projects in a wide range of areas including:

  • school organisation and reform
  • health education
  • literacy and special needs
  • change in higher education
  • ICT and learning

Areas of expertise

  • Action research in education
  • curriculum and society
  • Education and society
  • Educational administration
  • partnerships in teacher education
  • practice-based teacher education
  • practitioner research
  • social justice and education
  • Teacher Education

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