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Dr Thuy-Huong Truong

PhD (VU), MBus Marketing & Tourism (RMIT), BBus Marketing & Tourism (RMIT), BA Education (Pedagogy University, Vietnam), Adv. Dip. Business in Travel and Tourism (Box Hill Institute), Dip. Business in Travel Operations (Box Hill Institute)

Lecturer, College of Business

With her multiple language skills and extensive industry experience in marketing and tourism, Dr. Thuy-Huong has been an assistant manager and business consultant for many international joint-venture companies across Vietnam. They comprise of various fields including:

  • marketing
  • tourism
  • hospitality
  • medicine
  • engineering and construction
  • water and waste water
  • forestry and agriculture.

As a lecturer, Dr. Thuy-Huong has taught a range of marketing, tourism, hospitality, management, consumer behaviour and research subjects spanning over 20 years at various institutions in Vietnam, France and Australia. Additionally she has taught as a guest lecturer for a number of offshore campuses in Sydney, Malaysia, France and Vietnam.

Dr. Thuy-Huong Truong has also engaged in various learning in the workplace and community research projects associated with the BHO2285 Marketing Research. She has worked closely with the Australian Defence Force's charity fundraiser events Defence Lake Attack (2008 and 2009) which has resulted in her winning the Engagement Awards.

The many awards that Dr. Thuy-Huong Truong has won include:

  • Vice-Chancellor's PEAK AWARD for Excellence in Research and Research Training
  • Vice-Chancellor's Citation for Excellence in Research and Research Training
  • Highly Commended SIR FRANK MOORE Award for Excellence in PhD Research and Publications
  • Research and Research Training Award for Staff Researcher Category
  • Ocean Spirit Cruises Award for Most Outstanding PhD Student in Hospitality, Tourism and Marketing
  • Secomb Conference and Travel Fund
  • THE-ICE CRC Grant Award
  • Australian Postgraduate Award
  • Victorian Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Golden Key National Honour Society Award.

As a researcher in marketing and tourism, Dr. Thuy-Huong Truong has published in numerous peer-reviewed and other academic journals and forums.

Key publications

Refereed journal articles

Truong, T-H & King, B 2010, 'Cultural Values and Service Quality: Host and Guest Perspectives', Journal Tourism, Culture and Communication, vol. 10, issue 1

Truong, T-H & King, B 2009, 'An Evaluation of Satisfaction levels amongst Chinese Tourists in Vietnam', Journal of International Tourism Research, vol. 11, issue 6

Truong, T-H & King, B 2006, 'Comparing Cross-Cultural Dimensions of the Experiences of International Tourists in Vietnam', Journal Business Systems, Governance and Ethics, vol. 1, issue 1, pp. 65-75

Truong, T-H & King, B 2006, 'The Inter-Relationship between Perceived Importance, Satisfaction and Destination Loyalty: The Case of American Tourists in Vietnam', Journal of Tourism and Hospitality (JOHAT), vol. 4, no1, pp. 57-84

Truong, T-H & Foster, D 2006, 'Using HOLSAT to Evaluate Tourist Satisfaction at Destinations: The Case of Australian Holidaymakers to Vietnam', Tourism Management, vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 842-855


Truong, T-H 2013, From Travellers' Expectations to Travellers' Experiences: The Workability of the HOLSAT Model, in Tourism and Hospitality Development and Management, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge NY, USA. ISBN 978-1-62618-129-8

Truong, T-H & King, B 2010, Tourism Service Experiences in Vietnam, in Tourism and Hospitality Development and Management, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge NY, USA. ISBN 978-1-21728-034-4

Book chapters

Truong, T-H & King, B 2010, 'Host-Guest Service Inter-Cultural Interactions_The case of Vietnamese Hosts and International Visitors', in Petter M. Berge and Sondre B. Eliassen (eds), Hospitality and Tourism Management, Hauppauge NY, USA. pp. 1-33. ISBN 978-1-60741-225-0

Truong, T-H & Gebbie, P 2007, 'Market Segmentation of Australian Tourists in Vietnam: An Application of the HOLSAT Model', in Peter R. Chang (eds), Tourism Management in the 21st Century, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge New York. ISBN 1-60021-710-9

Truong, T-H & King, B 2006, 'An Assessment of Service Quality in Vietnam: The Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Chinese and American Tourists', in T. V. Liu (eds), Tourism Management: New Research, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge New York. ISBN 1-60021-058-9

Truong, T-H & King, B 2006, 'A Comparison of Asian and Western Tourist Perspectives on Service Quality in Vietnam', in B. Wu & W. G. Feighery (eds), Tourism and the New Asia: Implications for Research, Policy and Practice, Tourism Education Press, Beijing China. ISBN 7-5637-1158-9/F

Truong, T-H, Inbakaran, R & Jackson, M 2004, 'Analysis of Tourist Expectation and Satisfaction: A Case study of Australian Outbound Tourists to Vietnam', The Tourist, A Psychological Perspective, M/S Kansihka Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi. ISBN 81-7391-643-8

View Thuy-Huong's publications in Victoria University's Institutional Repository.

Teaching responsibilities

Course coordination

Course Coordinator in Marketing

Unit coordination

Undergraduate unit: Introduction to Marketing BHO1171

Undergraduate unit: Marketing Research BHO2285

Undergraduate unit: Tourism, Hospitality and Events Marketing BHO2256

Postgraduate unit: Marketing Strategy BHO5525

Postgraduate unit: Hospitality, Tourism and Events Marketing BHO5616

Postgraduate Research Students and Fellows

Current co-supervision: 1 Masters student

Completion: 8 Honours students (in Vietnam)

Professional membership

  • Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)
  • Certified Practising Marketer
  • Council of Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE)
  • Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC)
  • Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA)
  • Ecotourism Australia
  • International Centre for Research and Study on Tourism (C.I.R.E.T)

Conference Presentations

Refereed papers

Truong, T-H & King, B 2007, 'Encounters between East and West: Service Quality in Cross-Cultural Settings', CAUTHE Conference Proceedings "Tourism_Past Achievements, Future Challenges", Sydney University, Sydney, Australia, 11-14 February 2007

Truong, T-H & King, B 2006, 'A Comparison of Asian and Western Tourist Perspectives On Service Quality in Vietnam', 2006 International Conference on Tourism and the New Asia Proceedings "Tourism and the New Asia: Implications for Research, Policy and Practice", Beijing University, Beijing, China, August 9-12, 2006

Truong, T-H & King, B 2006, 'Asian Travel Consumption Behaviour: The Case of Chinese Tourist in Vietnam', CAUTHE Conference Proceedings "to the city and beyond …", Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, 6-9 February, 2006, CD-ROM ISBN 0-9750585-1

Truong, T-H 2005, 'Holiday Satisfaction of International Tourists in Vietnam: Towards an Exploration of a Cross-Cultural Conceptual Model', Business Research Conference Proceedings, Victoria University, Australia, December 2005, CD-ROM ISBN 1 8627 26639

Truong, T-H, Inbakaran, R & Jackson, M 2005, 'National Differences between Domestics and International Tourists visiting Australia: A Comparative Study on Resort Tourists', International Conference Proceedings "Tourism-Vehicle for the Development", Mohamed B. (eds), Penang Malaysia, February 2005, CD-ROM, 9-11, ISBN 983-41749-1-8

Working papers

Truong, T-H 2012, 'Cross-Cultural Service Encounter', CAUTHE 2012 Conference Proceedings "The New Golden Age of Tourism and Hospitality", La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, 6 - 9 February, 2012. ISBN: 978-0-9870507-1-7

Truong, T-H & King, B 2005, 'Holiday Satisfaction of American Tourists in Vietnam', CAUTHE 2005 Conference Proceedings "Sharing Tourism Knowledge", University of Charles Darwin, Alice Springs, February 2005, Australia. CD-ROM ISBN 1876248971

Truong, T-H & King, B 2003, 'Cross-Cultural Holiday Satisfaction in Vietnam: Towards the Development of a Conceptual Model', 9th Asia Pacific Tourism Association Conference Proceedings "Current Research, Future Strategies, Bridging Uncertainty", Sydney, Australia, July 2003. CD-ROM ISBN 1-86365-654-6

Research report

De Lacy, T, Jago, L, Truong, T-H & Lipman, G 2007, 'Carbon Clean Sri Lanka', Sri Lankan Ministry of Tourism and UNWTO Davos Congress on Tourism and Global Warming Background Documents, Colombo, Sri Lanka and Madrid, Spain

De Lacy, T, Jago, L, Truong, T-H & Suryawan Wiranatha, A 2007, 'Policy and Strategy for Adaptation of Tourism Destinations to Climate Change: Case Study Bali', Australia Indonesia Governance Research Partnership Project (AIGRP)


Areas of expertise

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Cross-cultural research on marketing and tourism
  • Destination resources and product development
  • International marketing and tourism
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Sustainable and ecotourism tourism
  • Tourism in the Asia Pacific region and developing countries
Thuy-Huong Truong, Lecturer in the College of Business

Contact details

+61 3 9919 5351