Dr Ismail ‘Sol’ Abdulhak (b. Lebanon, 1987) is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Strategic Management at the Victoria University Business School. Sol obtained his PhD in Management (specialisation in Strategy & International Business) in 2021 from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia).

Prior to joining Victoria University, he held several sessional lecturer and teaching/research associate roles at Melbourne and Monash Universities. He was awarded the ‘Dean’s Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning’ in 2019 by Monash Business School for his teaching innovations and the Academy of International Business (AIB) Best Reviewer Award 2018 for his outstanding performance as a reviewer.

Dr Abdulhak’s research interests are at the intersection of strategic management and international business. His thesis broadly focused on subsidiary level dynamic performance, linguistic and religious distance, and foreign ownership strategies. He also has an interest in the phenomenon of reshoring; his collaborative research efforts on the sub-national reshoring location choices of US manufacturing firms has appeared in Regional Studies (ABDC: A*).

Sol teaches several undergraduate and postgraduate strategic management units at Victoria University; including BMO2002 - Strategic Management, BMO2005 – Innovation & Entrepreneurship and BMO6511 - Strategic Management & Business Policy.

Areas of expertise

  • strategic management
  • International business
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Organisational theory
  • Institutional theory
  • Location advantages
  • Performance persistence
  • Reshoring

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Refereed journal articles

Rasel, S., Abdulhak, I., Kalfadellis, P., & Heyden, M. L. M. (2020). Coming home and (not) moving in? Examining reshoring firms’ subnational location choices in the United States. Regional Studies, 54(5), 704-718.

Abdulhak, I. & Smith, T.A. (2011). The $845,000 Porsche 918 Hybrid Spyder: Redefining the supercar. Deakin Papers on International Business Economics, 4(1), 37-45.

Conference presentations

Abdulhak, I. (2018). Performance persistence in the face of varying forms of complexity. The role of linguistic and religious distance, within-home country diversity and multinationality. Extended abstract accepted in the 2019 Academy of International Business Doctoral Student Consortium, Copenhagen, Denmark 24 June.

Abdulhak, I. (2018). A semi-globalisation perspective on linguistic and religious diversity, geographic scope and firm performance. Paper accepted in the 2018 Australia New Zealand International Business Academy Conference, Brisbane, 31 January–2 February.

Menzies, J. & Abdulhak, I. (2017). By accident or design: The internationalisation of Australian innovative SMEs utilising wholly owned foreign entities in China. Paper accepted in the 2017 Academy of International Business Conference, Dubai, 1–5 July.

Professional memberships

  • Academy of Management (AOM)
  • Academic of International Business (AIB)