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Dr Simon Taylor

PhD (VicMelb) MSc (VicMelb) BPhysEd (RMIT)

Lecturer, College of Sport & Exercise Science and Research Associate, Institute of Sport, Exercise & Active Living

Simon is a lecturer of two biomechanics teaching units in the Physical Education and Clinical Sciences undergraduate course streams at Victoria University.

His research activities apply motor control and biomechanics theories to gait. Simon has a current research project in partnership with US/Canada-based biomechanics software company, C-Motion Pty. This research project focuses on gait retraining through biofeedback of biomechanics details.

Simon has applied biomechanics expertise as a consultant to:

  • the Western Bulldogs (gait analysis)
  • Melbourne Football Club (AFL kicking analysis)
  • Victorian U18 Development Teams (AFL kicking coach)
  • DorsaVi Pty sensor technology (product testing).


  • Unit coordinator, Biomechanics for PhysEd
  • Unit coordinator, Clinical Biomechanics

Postgraduate research students

  • Supervision of one Honours student
  • Co-supervision of one PhD student

Research Grants

2012: Internal funding grants from Victoria University, total of $23,000.

2012: Internal funding grants from Victoria University, Research Infrastructure, total $125,000

Professional membership

  • Member of International Society of Biomechanics
  • Member of International Society for Posture and Gait Research


Nagano H, Begg RK, Sparrow WA, Taylor SB. A comparison of treadmill and overground walking effects on step cycle asymmetry in young and older individuals. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, in-press.

Rouffet MD, Taylor SB, Stergiou N. (2012). Regulation of pedalling cadence during road-based cycling. In conference proceedings for International Sports of Biomechanics Society, Melbourne, Australia.

Rouffet DM, Martin J, Taylor SB, Begg RK, Sparrow W. (2012). Control of toe trajectory and lower limb joint kinematics during walking over uneven terrain. XIX Conference of the International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology. Brisbane, Australia.

Marin-Perianu R, Marin-Perianu M, Havinga P, Taylor SB, Begg R, Palaniswami M, Rouffet DM. (2012). A performance analysis of a wireless body-area network monitoring system for professional cycling. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing; DOI:10.1007/s00779-011-0486-x.

Lai D, Taylor SB, Begg RK.(2012).Prediction of foot clearance parameters as a precursor to forecasting the risk of tripping and falling. Human Movement Science, 31, 271-283.

View Simon's publications in the Victoria University Research Repository.

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+61 3 9919 9527