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Shelley Turner

BA (UniMelb), GradDipEd (Outdoor) (LaTrobe), BSW (Hons) (UniMelb), Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Mediation (REFS), Diploma of Management (BSB51107)

Lecturer & Academic Leader, Social Work Field Education

Shelley is a lecturer in social work and the academic leader of the social work field education program. Her social work practice has primarily been in youth justice and community corrections in New South Wales and Victoria.

She also has expertise in systematic and narrative social science literature reviews, youth work, human services and project management, clinical and reflective supervision, group work and training, and interprofessional and multi-agency approaches.

Her research interests include:

  • Youth justice
  • Case management theory and practice
  • Community corrections
  • Criminal justice social work
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Working with involuntary clients
  • Drug and problem-solving courts
  • Therapeutic jurisprudence
  • Female offenders
  • Ageing prisoners
  • Client perspectives.

Shelley’s current research is a qualitative, exploratory study of youth justice clients’ understanding and experiences of case management.  

Recent publications

Refereed journal articles

Evans, P, Turner, S & Trotter, C (2012), ‘The effectiveness of family and relationship therapy: a review of the literature’, Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia, PACFA, Melbourne.

Turner, S (2011), ‘The New South Wales Youth Drug and Alcohol Court Program – a decade of development’, Monash University Law Review, vol. 37, no. 1, pp.280-297.

Baidawi, S, Turner, S, Trotter, S, Browning, C, Collier, P, O’Connor, D, & Sheehan, R (2011), ‘Older prisoners – a challenge for Australian corrections’, Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice, no. 426, pp.1-8.

Refereed chapters

Turner, S (2010), 'Case management in corrections: evidence, issues and challenges', in F McNeill, P Raynor & C Trotter (eds), Offender Supervision: New directions in theory, research and practice, Willan Publishing, Abinton. 

Conference presentations

Turner, S and Burgess, A (2015) ‘Systematic literature reviews in social work research’, Higher Degrees by Research Conference, Monash University, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Department of Social Work, Melbourne, Australia, 2-3 February 2015.

Turner, S (2011) ‘Consulting the case managed: case management and juvenile justice clients’, paper presented at Pushing the Boundaries of Case Management, 14th Case Management Society of Australia (CMSA) National Conference, Sydney, Australia, 26-27 July 2011.

Turner, S (2010) ‘Case management in corrections: evidence, issues and challenges’, paper presented at Collaboration of Researchers for the Effective Development of Offender Supervision (CREDOS) Annual Meeting, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, 2-3 September 2010. 

Turner, S (2010) ‘NSW Youth Drug & Alcohol Court Program: interagency partnerships in action’, paper presented at Non-Adversarial Justice: Implications for the Legal System and Society Conference, Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration and Monash University Faculty of Law, Melbourne, Australia, 4-7 May 2010.

Turner, S (2010) ‘Case management in juvenile justice: clients’ perspectives’, paper presented at Crime and Social Institutions, American Society of Criminology (ASC), Annual Meeting 2010, San Francisco, USA, 17-20 November 2010.

Industry experience

Previous experience as a contract researcher

Appearances in the media

Carney, M 2009 ‘Kids Doing Time’, Four Corners, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 24 Aug 2009

Areas of expertise

  • Case management theory and practice
  • Community corrections
  • Criminal justice social work
  • Multi-disciplinary and inter-agency practice
  • Project management
  • Public service management and policy
  • Social science literature reviews
  • Social work field education
  • Specialist, problem-solving and drug courts
  • Statutory social work
  • Therapeutic jurisprudence
  • Working with involuntary clients
  • Youth justice

Contact details

+61 3 9919 4839