Senaka Ranadheera is an Early Career Research Fellow at the Advanced Food Systems Research Unit, College of Health and Biomedicine. His research focuses on dairy proteins, probiotic and prebiotics, functional foods and food quality and safety.

He holds a PhD (food science) with special reference to probiotic applications in dairy foods from the University of Newcastle, Australia. During the past few years his research contributions have led to publications in high impact quality journals including 12 papers and 7 book chapters.


Refereed journal articles

Ranadheera, C.S., Evans, C.A., Adams, M.C. & Baines, S.K., (2016), Co-culturing of probiotics influences the microbial, physico-chemical and sensory quality of fermented milk, Small Ruminant Research. 136, 104-108.

Ranadheera, C.S., Evans, C.A., Adams, M.C. & Baines, S.K. (2014), Effect of dairy probiotic combinations on in vitro gastrointestinal tolerance, intestinal epithelial cell adhesion and cytokine secretion, Journal of Functional Foods. 8, 18-25.

Ranadheera, C.S., Evans, C.A., Adams, M.C. & Baines, S.K. (2012), Probiotic viability and physico-chemical and sensory properties of plain and stirred fruit yogurts made from goat’s milk, Food Chemistry. 135, 1411-1418.

Ranadheera, C.S., Evans, C.A., Adams, M.C. & Baines, S.K. (2012), In vitro analysis of gastrointestinal tolerance and intestinal cell adhesion of probiotics in goat’s milk ice cream and yogurt, Food Research International. 49, 619-625.

Ranadheera, C.S., Baines, S.K. & Adams, M.C. (2010), Importance of food in probiotic efficacy, Food Research International. 43, 1-7.

Refereed chapters

Vidanarachchi, J.K., Ranadheera, C.S., Wijerathne, T., Udayangani, R.M.C., Himali, S.M.C. & Pickova, J. (2014), Applications of seafood by-products in the food industry and human nutrition. In Seafood processing by-products: Trends and applications (edited by S.K. Kim). New York: Springer Science.

Research grants

Early Career Research Fellowship grant, Victoria University, Australia, 2015-2017 ($30,000).

Professional memberships

Nutrition Society of Australia

Appearances in the media

The microbiota-gut-brain axis: Well-balanced gut bugs lead to healthy gut and mind, by C.S. Ranadheera, J. Barrouei & D. Hodgson, The Conversation, 6 February 2016.

Do we really have to wash fruits and vegetables? by C.S. Ranadheera, The Conversation, 15 January 2016.

Areas of expertise

  • Dairy proteins
  • Dairy science and technology
  • Food quality and safety
  • Functional Foods
  • Probiotics and prebiotics

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