Professor Sardar M. N. Islam has lived, studied, worked in and visited (extensively) different countries in the world, and he adopts a scientific, global and humanistic perspective to his research and other academic work.

He has about 30 years’ academic work experience in teaching, supervision, and multi-disciplinary research. His teaching, supervision and research interests are in:

  • finance
  • economics
  • management Science
  • accounting
  • business
  • law.

He has published extensively in the integrated areas of these disciplines.

His research has gained international acclaim resulting in several visiting or adjunct professorial appointments.

At Victoria University he is associated with the Financial Modelling Program, the Law and Economics Program, and the Decision Sciences and Modelling Program.

Postgraduate research students

Professor Islam supervises doctoral (PhD and DBA) students in the areas of:

  • Agency Theory and Mechanism Design
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Game Theory
  • Management Science/Applied Quantitative Methods (Applied Operations Research Methods, Applied Econometrics, Structural Equation Modelling, etc.)
  • Supply Chain Management/Applied Industrial Engineering
  • Business.

Most of his students are undertaking cutting edge multi-disciplinary, technical and specialised research resulting in theses of a high international standard.

He has successfully completed a good number of doctoral (PhD and DBA) students. Many of these students have done very well in their careers.

Recent publications


Nuryanah, S. & Islam, S.M.N. (2015) Corporate Governance and Financial Management: Optimisation Modelling and Accounting Perspectives, Palgrave Macmillan, UK.

Ghofar, A. & Islam, S.M.N. (2015) Corporate Governance and Contingency Theory: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach and Accounting Risk Analysis, In Physica: Contributions to Management Science/ Springer series in Accounting Scholarship. Springer, Heidelberg.

Kalyebara, B. & Islam, S.M.N. (2014) Corporate Governance, Capital Markets and Capital Budgeting: A New Integrated Approach. In Physica: Contributions to Management Science. Springer, Heidelberg.

Ahmed, A. & Islam, S.M.N. (2010) Financial Liberalisation in Developing Countries: Issues, Theories, Time Series Econometric Analyses and Policy Making. In Physicas: Contributions to Economics. Springer, Heidelberg.

Raoprasert, T. & Islam, S.M.N. (2010) Designing an Efficient Management System: Structural Equation Modelling of Convergence Factors. In Physica: Contributions to Management Science. Springer, Heidelberg.

Aba-Bulgu, M. & Islam, S.M.N.  (2006) Corporate Crisis and Risk Management: Modelling, Strategies, and SME Application. In International Business and Management Volume 21. Elsevier /North Holland Publishing, Amsterdam.

White, P. & Islam, S.M.N. (2008) Formulation of Appropriate Laws: A New Integrated Multidisciplinary Modelling Approach and an Application to Electronic Funds Transfer Regulation. Springer, Heidelberg.

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Areas of expertise

  • Accounting
  • Business models
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Quantitative methods/Appled management science
  • Supply chain management

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 1338
+61 (3) 9919 1350