Dr Sandra McKechnie is a Senior Lecturer of Biotechnology in the College of Engineering & Science.

Her main research interest is in developing an understanding of the complex interactions between the gut microflora/dietary components on gastrointestinal health and disease prevention. Specifically, her goal is to understand the interactions between microorganisms, colonic enterocytes and the mucosal immune response, with particular reference to the prevention and treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases.

Dr McKechnie has over a decade of practical experience in microbiology, cell biology and immunology.

Teaching responsibilities


  • RBF1320 Biology 2
  • RBF2330 Cell Biology
  • RMS3113 Comparative Immunobiology


  • RMS 5150 Ethics and Regulatory Affairs in Biotechnology
  • RMS 1000 Biotechnology Profession
  • RMS 3060 Microbial Technology and Cell Culture
  • RMS6220 & RMS6230 Biotechnology Project
  • RBF2300 Microbiology 1

Postgraduate research students and fellows


Honours students (5), 6 Masters by Coursework (supervisory), PhD students (1)

Current supervision

Co-supervision of PhD students (4)

Research grants

Internal research grants from Victoria University in 2012 and 2013, totalling $59,240

Professional membership

Australasian Society for Immunology

Areas of expertise

  • Allergies and immune system modulation
  • Bioactivity of flavonols, peptides
  • Cancer biology
  • Therapeutic benefits of probiotics

Contact details