Professor Lauritsen is an Adjunct Professor in the College of Law & Justice at Victoria University.

Some of Professor Lauritsen's professional experience include:

  • Solicitor and partner, Cain and Lamers.
  • Magistrate of the Northern Territory.
  • Magistrate in charge of the Crimes Compensation Tribunal.
  • Magistrate in charge of the Court's jurisdiction under the Accident and Workers' compensation legislation following the abolition of the Accident Compensation Tribunal.
  • Co-ordinating Magistrate for the Court at Prahran.
  • Supervising Magistrate, Accident and Workers' compensation section.
  • Supervising Magistrate, Court's entire civil jurisdiction.
  • Deputy Chief Magistrate, retaining the position of Supervising Magistrate for the civil jurisdiction.

Teaching And Learning Engagement Activities

On behalf of the National Judicial College, participated in programmes teaching oral decision delivery to South Australian magistrates and Tasmanian judges, magistrates and tribunal members.

Professional membership

  • Member of the Council of the Law Institute of Victoria.
  • Member and chair, Appeal Costs Board.
  • Part-time referee of the Small Claims Tribunal.
  • Part-time member of the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.
  • Chaired committee which recommended changes to the Local Court and Small Claims Acts.
  • Chair, Civil Rules Committee.
  • Chair, Dispute Resolution Committee.

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