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Professor Paul Boon

BSc Syd, PhD (Philosophy) Griff

Professor, Institute for Sustainability and Innovation (ISI)

Professor Paul Boon has been working on aquatic systems for the past 25 years. He has particular expertise in the ecology and management of inland floodplain rivers and wetlands, estuaries and coastal wetlands, including seagrasses, mangroves, saltmarshes and coastal lagoons.

Paul worked for CSIRO Land & Water Division on research and development and consulting projects which addressed the ecology and management of freshwater wetlands, floodplains and riparian corridors. He continued this line of investigation when he worked for the environmental consulting firm Sinclair Knight Merz.

More recently Paul has focused on the provision of environmental water for natural and degraded wetland systems in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

Paul has published many papers in the scientific literature on the ecology and management of aquatic systems, and has presented hundreds papers at scientific conferences and to community groups or natural-resource management agencies.

Paul's research interests include:

  • ecology and management of inland river
  • floodplains and wetlands
  • ecology and management of coastal estuarine systems "“ seagrass beds, mangroves, saltmarshes etc and interactions between recreation and tourism and aquatic systems including ecological impacts and sustainable use of critical aquatic destinations

Research projects

  • Principle investigator "“ Victorian Saltmarsh Study (with Arthur Rylah Institute, Ecology Australia, Biosis Research, Pathways Bushland, and Ipsos-Eureka Social Research Institute) funded by the National Heritage Trust Strategic Reserve.
  • Principle investigator "“ Breaming with Knowledge: a national conference on the ecology and management of the Gippsland Lakes and other coastal lagoons in south-eastern Australia, funded by Department of Sustainability & Environment, East and West Gippsland Catchment Management Authorities, Parks Victoria, Gippsland Lakes & Catchment Taskforce, and East Gippsland Water.
  • Principle investigator "“ Development of indicators and methods for monitoring impacts of tourism on aquatic ecosystems. (with Professor Angela Arthington and Dr Wade Hadwen) funded by Sustainable Tourism CRC.
  • Principle investigator "“ Ecology and rehabilitation of high-value wetlands degraded by multiple stressors (altered water regime, salinity, and exotic species), funded by Land & Water Australia Innovations Program, Murray-Darling Basin Commission, Department of Sustainability & Environment, and Gippsland Coastal Board.

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