Dr Osaana Donkor is a senior lecturer in Food Science in the College of Health and Biomedicine. Osaana has experience in food microbiology, safety and preservation as well as probiotics and food chemistry. 

He is also experienced in fermentation biology for the production of yoghurt and dairy products. In addition, Osaana has experience in using mammalian primary cell cultures as well as adherent and suspension cultures. Osaana is a consulting analytical chemist for institutions and manufacturing companies.

Osaana is also a reviewer for several journals in the fields of Food Science, Nutrition and Food Chemistry.

He currently spends his time lecturing, supervising PhD students and conducting his own research. Some of his research interests include:

  • food safety – toxins, allergens and pathogens
  • immunostimulatory properties of probiotics
  • the effect of probiotic bacteria in modulating Th17 and T regulatory cells immune responses
  • probiotics and prebiotics – the production of short chain fatty acids and immunity
  • bioactive peptides derived from fish by-catch and fish waste for the treatment/prevention and/or management of colon cancer
  • studies of anti-carcinogenic peptides released in probiotic yoghurt
  • the effect of bioactive compounds from native plants - Carpobrotus rossii on a colon cancer model.

Recent publications

You can view all of Osaana's publications on the institutional repository.

Here is a snapshot:

  • Sah, B.N.P., Vasiljevic, T., McKechnie, S., Donkor, O.N. (2015). Effect of refrigerated storage on probiotic viability and the production and stability of antimutagenic and antioxidant peptides in yogurt supplemented with pineapple peel. Journal of Dairy Science  JDS-15-9450 (Published).
  • Ahmed, Z., Donkor, O.N., Street, W.A., Vasiljevic, T. (2015). Calpains- and cathepsins-induced myofibrillar changes in post-mortem fish: impact on structural softening and release of bioactive peptides. Trends in Food Science and Technology. TIFS-D-14-00209R2 (Published).
  • Sah, B.N.P., Vasiljevic, T., McKechnie, S., Donkor, O.N. (2015). Identification of Anticancer Peptides from Bovine Milk Proteins and Their Potential Roles in Management of Cancer: A Critical Review. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 14, 123–138.
  • Ashraf, R., Vasiljevic, T., Day, S.L., Smith, S.C., Donkor, O.N. (2014). Lactic acid bacteria and probiotic organisms induce different cytokine profile and regulatory T cells mechanisms. Journal of Functional Foods, 6, 395-409.
  • Elfahri, K.R., Donkor, O.N., Vasiljevic, T. (2014) Potential of novel Lactobacillus helveticus strains and their cell wall bound proteases to release physiologically active peptides from milk proteins. International Dairy Journal, 38, 37-46.
  • Sah, B.N.P., Vasiljevic, T., McKechnie, S., Donkor, O.N. (2014). Effect of probiotics on antioxidant and antimutagenic activities of crude peptide extract from yogurt. Food Chemistry, 156, 264–270.

Conference papers

  • Donkor, O.N., Proudfoot, O., Vasiljevic, T., and Gill, H. S. (2009). In Vitro immunostimulating potential of selected bacteria. IDF/DIAA Functional Dairy Foods 2009 Conference in Melbourne, 24-25 February 2009.
  • Donkor, O.N., Ong, L., and Shah, N.P. (2008). Bioactive peptides liberation in fermented products by probiotic cultures and their health functionalities. Nordic Nutrition Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 1-4, 2008.
  • Donkor, O.N., Henriksson, A., Vasiljevic, T., and Shah, N.P. (2006). ACE-inhibitory activity of probiotic yoghurt. International Dairy Federation Symposium on Scientific and Technological Challenges in Fermented Milk, 15/05/06 – 17/05/06, Italy.
  • Donkor, O.N., Henriksson, A., Vasiljevic, T., and Shah, N.P. (2006). ACE-inhibitory activity of probiotic yoghurt. IDF World Dairy Summit and Congress, 16 – 23 October, 2006, Shanghai, China.

Teaching responsibilities

Unit coordinator:

Postgraduate research students and fellows

Current supervision of PhD, Masters and Honours students.

Research grants

    • Vasiljevic, Donkor, Mathai, Knuckey and Street - ARC Linkage $156,000, 2010 - 2012
    • Auldist, Trennery, Williams, Vasiljevic, Donkor, and Aljouni - Gardiner Foundation, $1,000,000, 2010 – 2012
    • Stojanovska, Vasiljevic, Donkor, Ashton and Ginn - VU out of cycle research grant, $20,159 ($10,000 provided by Sanitarium), 2011
    • Datta and Donkor - Australasian Lupin Processing Pty Ltd, $5,000, 2011
    • Donkor, Vasiljevic, Apostolopoulos, Gill - VU Researcher Development Grants Scheme of $28,000, 2010

Professional memberships

  • Member of Institute of Food Technologist (MIFT)
  • Member of Australian Institute of Food Technologist (MAIFST)
  • The Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc. (Member) MRACI
  • Life Member of Victoria University Alumni Association.

Industry experience

  • Food and dairy
  • Manufacturing and industrial.

Areas of expertise

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Food research
  • Food safety
  • Functional Foods
  • Immunology

Contact details