Michael Longo is an Adjunct Professor in Law in the College of Law & Justice. He has held academic positions at Victoria University and other universities since 1990.

His current research and supervision interests cover Legal Research Methods, Advanced Legal Research Dissertation, Human Rights Law and European Union (EU) Law. Michael's work is comparative and interdisciplinary. He has drawn on theories and empirical research in both law and political science to understand phenomena such as globalism, regionalism and European Integration.

His publications include a peer-reviewed monograph, Constitutionalising Europe: Processes and Practices (Ashgate, 2006), for which he was awarded the CERC Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Publishing Prize 2007 for best book or article published in 2005-2007 that makes the most substantial and original contribution to knowledge in the area of European Studies. He has published in highly-ranked Australian and international journals.

Michael has held visiting appointments at The National Europe Centre, ANU (now ANU Centre for European Studies), The University of Melbourne and The University of Trento, Italy. He was the recipient of the Victoria University Vice Chancellor's Peak Award Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in 2007.

Before joining Victoria University Michael was a Senior Solicitor with the Australian Government Solicitor, Attorney-General's Department (Cth). He is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Key publications


Harvey, M. and Longo, M. (2008) European Union Law: An Australian View. LexisNexis Butterworths

Longo, M. (2006) Constitutionalising Europe: Processes and Practices. Ashgate

Refereed journal articles

Savage, T. and Longo, M. (2013) Legal frameworks for the protection of Ainu language and culture in Japan: International and European perspectives. Japanese Studies, DOI:10.1080/10371397.2013.782098 (printed article forthcoming)

Longo, M. (2012) Bringing International Human Rights Norms In: Constitutional Interpretive Methodology in Australia and Canada Compared. Australian Journal of Human Rights, 18 (1). pp. 115-144

Longo, M. (2011) (E)Merging discourses: local and regional governance in Australia and the European Union. University of Tasmania Law Review, 30 (2). pp. 21-50

Longo, M. and Murray, P. (2011) No ode to joy? Reflections on the European Union's legitimacy. International Politics, 48. pp. 667-690

Longo M. (2010) EU Financial Reform and New Opportunities for European Integration. Australian International Law Journal, 17. pp. 159-176

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Areas of expertise

  • comparative legal systems
  • environment law
  • European Union law and politics
  • federal constitutional law
  • Human rights law