Martin Andrew Martin Andrew is an Honorary Fellow in the College of Arts & Education. Previously he lectured and researched in teacher education in TESOL with an emphasis on teaching writing, writing assessment, identity construction, community of practice theory, research supervision, transnationality and the use of film in education. He has lectured in English Literature and Linguistics, applied linguistics, TESOL and Writing in New Zealand and Australia for 25 years.


Refereed journal articles

Rajendran, D. & Andrew, M. (2014), Using Film to Elucidate Leadership Effectiveness Models: Reflections on Authentic Learning Experiences. JULTP 11 (1)

Andrew, M (2013). Language learners can ‘make a difference’: Benefits of a volunteering option for students of English as an additional language. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 1(12) 201-215.

Andrew, M. (2012) Forewarned is forearmed: The brave new world of (Creative) Writing online, TEXT 16 (2)

Andrew, M. (2012). Supervising doctorates at a distance: three trans-Tasman stories, Quality Assurance in Education, 20 (1), 42 – 53

Andrew, M. (2012). Authentic Cultural and Linguistic Learning through Practicum in a Nursing Home, TESL EJ Journal, 16 (1)(June 2012), 1-19.

Refereed chapters

Andrew, M. (2013). Autonomy as agency in listening portfolios in Autonomy in a networked world (ed. M. Hobbs & K. Dofs), 147-149 (Independent Learning Association: Christchurch).

Andrew, M. (2012). Humanizing e-lecturers and engaging online writing learners via dialogic video. In M. Brown, M. Harnett & T. Stewart (Eds), Future challenges, sustainable futures. In Proceedings ascilite Wellington 2012. (pp.40-49).

Andrew, M. & Arnold, J. (2011). Collaboration, community, identity: Engaged e-learning and e-teaching in an online writing course. ASCILITE, Hobart, December, 2011.

Andrew, M. (1996). “Cut So like [her] Character”: Preconstructing Celia in Volpone. Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England 8 (ed. J. Leeds Barroll,), 94-118. Associated University Presses Inc.: Washington, US.

Conference presentations

Andrew, M. (2013). ‘Empowering TESOL Teachers via Action Research: A Case Study of Innovation’. “Innovation in Vietnam”, Victoria University of Wellington, Ho Chi Minh City, 16 November.

Andrew, M. (2012). Meeting in time and space: Insights for the cybersupervisor of PhDs. Tertiary Writing Network Colloquium, 28-30 November, Waikato University, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Andrew, M. (2011). 'You can really practice English in real life': mediating culture and language learning in a rest home. Refereed Proceedings of 'Context and Communication: Mediating Language Learning', the 12th National Conference for Community Languages and ESOL (CLESOL 2010), Dunedin, New Zealand, 01-04 October, 2010.

Romova, Z. & Andrew, M. (2011). Learning and assessing for future imagined communities: academic writing texts within portfolios. 'Writing the Future: Genres, Professions and Texts', Refereed proceedings of the Tertiary Writing Network Colloquium (TWN 2010), Wellington, New Zealand, 02-03 December, 2010.

Andrew, M. (2010). Double agents and triple: teacher-researcher-writers. The Strange Bedfellows or Perfect Partners Papers: The Refereed Proceedings of the 15th Conference of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs (AAWP 2010), Melbourne, Australia, 25-27 November, 2010.

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Postgraduate research students


Glenda Banks (2011). Migrating from nonfiction to fiction: writing between porous borders (Swinburne University of Technology)(Supervisory)

Edward Todd (2012). The Inheritance: An artifact and exegesis (Swinburne University of Technology)(Co-supervisory)

Scott Hopkins (2013) Writing hegemonic masculinities: 'My Brother's War' and its exegesis (Swinburne University of Technology)(Co-supervisory)

Rachel Le Rossignol (2014) Restorying the earth: Writing a New Meta-Narrative through ecofiction (thesis passed) (Swinburne University of Technology)(Co-supervisory)

Current supervision

Principal supervision of 5 PhD students, co-supervision of 4 PhD students, 3 minor thesis students.

Professional memberships

  • TESOLANZ – TESOL Association of New Zealand
  • ALANZ – Applied Linguistics Association of Australia and New Zealand
  • AAWP – Australasian Association of Writing Practitioners
  • TWN – Tertiary Writing Network
  • VICTESOL – Victorian TESOL Association
  • AQR – Australian Qualitative Research

Industry experience

  • Educational editor Otago University Extensjon, Otago University Press (2 years)
  • Assistant Principal, Language Studies International (3 years)
  • Curriculum Manager, New Zealand International College (now ACG)(3 years)
  • Book Reviews Editor, TESOLANZ Journal, NZSAL Journal, TESOLANZ Newsletter (8 years)
  • IELTS examiner (11 years)
  • Consultant and external reviewer and moderator (10 years)

Areas of expertise

  • Assessing second language writing
  • Creative approaches to educational research and writing
  • Cultural aspects of language learning
  • Narratives of identity

Contact details