Lutfiye is a lecturer in psychology. She teaches in areas of intercultural psychology and qualitative social research methods.

Her areas of research interest include social identity, community making and belonging among racialised and ethnicised identities. These sit within the context of Australian multicultural social relations, informed by current and historical global relations of power.

A major focus of her research explores the complexity and the diverse ways in which identity among Muslim women, migrant and second generation Australians are negotiated at the intersections of gender, culture, religion and race. This research draws on Third World and postmodern feminist theories,


Refereed journal articles

Karnilowicz, W. Ali, L. & Phillimore, J. (2012). Community research within a social constructionist framework: Implications for ‘Scientific Rigour’. Community Development, 45(4), 353-367.

Ali, L. & Sonn, C.C. (2010). Constructing identity as a second generation Cypriot Turkish in Australia: The multi hyphenated Other. Culture & Psychology, 16(2), 416-436.

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Government reports

Karnilowicz, W., & Ali. L. (July, 2012). An investigation of perceptions, impact and outcomes associated with DHS housing services within the north and west metropolitan region of Melbourne, Victoria, DHS Victoria.

Conference presentations

Karnilowicz, W., Ali, L., & Phillimore, J. (2013). Comparative analysis of Australia’s and United Kingdom’s settlement and integration of humanitarian migrants. Presented at the 2013 Meeting of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research, Mobile, Alabama, USA.

Ali, L. (2012). Muslim women negotiating identity: Extending the boundaries of Muslimness. Presented at Place and Displacement Conference, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

Ali, L. (2012). “We are not like them” The intersections of gender, ethnicity and sexuality for second generation muslim women. Presented at 30th International Congress of Psychology: Psychology Serving Humanity. Cape Town, South Africa.

Karnilowicz, W. Ali, L. & Phillimore, J. (2012). Community research within a social constructionist framework: Implications for ‘scientific rigour’. Presented at 2012 Meeting of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ali, L. (2011). Remaking migrant identity: Intersections of gender, sexuality & ethnicity from the vantage point of Muslim women. Presented at 21st Psychology Conference: Valuing Women and Children in Their Diverse Life Contexts. Wollongong, Australia.

Teaching responsibilities

Qualitative Social Research Methods 1 (APS2030)

Intercultural and Developmental Issues in Psychology (APP2101)


Human Development in Social Context (ASW2103)

Foundations of Social Science Research (ASX1003)

Current supervision

Co-supervision of two fourth year students

Areas of expertise

  • Gender and psychology
  • Identity and community making
  • Muslim women identity
  • Qualitative methodologies
  • Third World and postmodern discursive feminist theories

Contact details

(03) 9919 6346