Louise Robinson is the Executive Director, Industry and Growth at Victoria University Polytechnic. She oversees the strategic relationships between Victoria University and key local, national and international stakeholders, as well as regulatory and employment stakeholders.

Louise helps to drive the vision and leads vocational education strategy, industry partnerships, innovation projects for digital developments, growth targets and workforce capabilities. Her portfolio includes the management of large government, industry and community accounts and international skills partnerships.

Prior to joining Victoria University, Louise held positions of Executive Director Vocational Education and Deputy Chair of Academic Board at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

Louise is an experienced executive with global consulting and operational leadership capabilities. In both her roles at VU and RMIT, she blends her strong commercial skills gained over 20 years from international advisory firms with knowledge of multi-sector skills education.

Notably, Louise is a Fulbright scholar where she travelled to North America and researched the approach and use of apprenticeships as well as the roles of public institutions relating to skills development and uplift. Louise is also the recipient of the International Specialised Skills Institute Fellowship in 2016 and consequently, she authored the 21st Century Employment Skill Education and Training paper published through the Department of Education and Training.

Louise has a strong appetite for continuous learning and is passionate about disruptive innovation, developed during her time at Deloitte where she was a Director, overseeing business development and marketing strategy for Australian and global projects and clients.


Victoria University Polytechnic:

  • business development
  • industry and leadership
  • marketing and communications
  • short courses
  • skills and jobs centre.

Areas of expertise

  • Client & stakeholder relationship management
  • Leadership
  • Marketing and communications
  • Strategic thinking
  • Change management
  • Disruptive innovation
  • Project management
  • Business development
  • Apprenticeship & skills uplift

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 8505