Lina is a doctoral student from the College of Arts and Education. Her PhD study portrays the current use of digital technologies implementation in early childhood education settings.

A case study of an innovative school, an early adopter of new pedagogies and a 21st-century designed curriculum, will provide insights into the successful ways of integrating digital technologies into classrooms. Teachers and academics will then be able to see and learn “what works” from this empirical data, and form a better understanding of how to conceptualise the elements that might come together for deep learning.

Lina has experience with qualitative methodologies, and can assist with:

  • Library research databases
  • Candidature preparation
  • Literature review
  • Ethics applications with high risk
  • Document formatting
  • Case design
  • Data mining (finding the themes)
  • NVivo
  • EndNote
  • English grammar.

​Contact details

Lina is available at Footscray Park Campus, Building P, Room P416 Research Lounge, on Mondays 25 June and 23 July, 11am-2pm.

Book an appointment with Lina.

Until 23 July 2018, the Research Ambassadors can be contacted from 11am-2pm:

  • at City Flinders Campus, Room 9.10a and by phone on +61 478 405 117 on Thursdays 21 and 28 June and 12 July
  • at Footscray Park Campus, Building P, Room P416 Research Lounge and by phone on +61 478 405 113, on the following days: Monday 25 June and 23 July, Wednesdays 27 June and 18 July and Fridays 29 June and 6 July
  • via email at [email protected]
  • on Skype (look for contact name 'vuseekra').