Kaye is an academic with the Centre for Collaborative Learning and Teaching and the College of Education. 

She started her academic career at the University of Ballarat where she won three teaching and learning awards for innovative use of technology to support student learning. 

On moving to the University of Newcastle, her focus extended to educational research and evaluation of innovative teaching projects. 

When she moved to the University of Southern Queensland, she was exclusively teaching online in postgraduate education studies, together with some transnational teaching in Malaysia for a couple of years. 

Between these three institutions, Kaye has had extensive experience as a Program Coordinator with two years as Associate Dean. 


Refereed journal articles

van Rensburg, H. M. J. & Cleary, K. (2008). Come in spinner! Opportunities and meanings emerging through distance study for professional educators. International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, 4(3), 59-71.

Cleary, K., Danaher, P. A., Midgley, W., O'Neill, S. & Son. J. B. (2007). Editorial: Meanings Emerging in Practice (Part 3). International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, 3(3), 1-3.

Conference presentations

Cleary, K. (2010). Exploring the tapestry of meaningful practices for sustainable futures. In ISPAL international educators conference: Pedagogies and sustainable futures, 23-24 September, Brisbane, Australia.

Cleary, K. (2007). Relocating personal positions in workplace territories through formal study. In: 37th Annual SCUTREA conference (SCUTREA 2007): Researching adult learning communities and partnerships in the local and global context, 3 - 5 Jul 2007, Belfast, Ireland

Cleary, K. (2007). Professional development for part-time e-tutors: Can you hear me Major Tom?... take your protein pills and put your helmet on. 4th Centre for Research in Lifelong Learning international conference. Stirling University, 25-27 June 2007.

Cleary, K. (2007). Finding and mending potholes in the laneways connecting higher education institutions with their part-time e-tutors: Virtual learning communities fostering organisational learning. In: 37th Annual SCUTREA conference (SCUTREA 2007): Researching adult learning communities and partnerships in the local and global context, 3 - 5 Jul 2007, Belfast, Ireland.

Cleary, K., Danaher, P. A. & Harreveld, R. E. (2006). Engaging pedagogies and facilitating pedagogies: Communities of practice among novice tutors and secondary vocational teachers at the forefront of systematic tensions and change. In AARE 2006, International educational research conference. Adelaide, Australia.

Teaching responsibilities


Unit Coordinator AET6002 - Curriculum Design and Assessment for Learning

Course Coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education

Areas of expertise

  • building communities of practice and supervising masters projects
  • evaluation of innovative educational programs
  • exploring learning and teaching in higher education contexts
  • foundations of contemporary educational research
  • Instructional design for flexible learning
  • networked and global learning
  • theories of learning futures

Contact details

(03) 9919 4550