John Madden is a Professor in Victoria University's Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS). Prior to his current position, John was a Professor at Monash University where he was CoPS Deputy Director from 2004 to 2012. Other past positions include: Director (1991-2002) / Deputy Director (1986-90) of the Centre for Regional Economic Analysis at the University of Tasmania; and a Scientific Fellow at Erasmus University Rotterdam (6 months 1992-93).

John’s primary research activity is in the area of economic modelling. He is the author of FEDERAL, one of the first large-scale multiregional computable general equilibrium (CGE) models. His current research projects include regional models focussing on transport and globalisation issues, and a dynamic fiscal CGE model of the Florida economy. John’s research also includes economic studies of: national competition policy, the goods and services tax, the safety net review, economic forecasts (e.g. for Malaysia), fiscal federalism (including part of a Stanford University study), numerous major investment projects (e.g. the Very Fast Train, North West Shelf Gas) and mega-events (e.g. the Sydney Olympics and the FIFA World Cup).

John is a former President of the Pacific Regional Science Association (PRSCO), and is a Regional Editor (Asia-Pacific) of Regional Science Policy and Practice.

Recent publications

Refereed journal articles

Giesecke, J.A. and Madden, J.R. (2013) 'Evidence-based regional economic policy analysis: The role of CGE modelling', Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, 6 (2): 285-301.

Giesecke, J.A. and Madden, J.R. (2011) 'Modelling the economic impacts of the Sydney Olympics in retrospect – Game over for the bonanza story?', Economic Papers, 30 (2): 218-32.

Dixon, P.B., Madden, J.R. and Rimmer, M.T. (2010) 'Linking national and multi-regional models: the effects of an increase in award wage rates in Australia', Regional Studies, 44:1369-1385, 2010.

Giesecke, J.A. and Madden, J.R. (2010) 'Uncovering the factors behind regional economic performance: a multiregional CGE approach', Regional Studies, 44:1329-1349.

Horridge, J.M., Madden, J.R. and Wittwer, G. (2005) 'Impact of the 2002-03 Drought on Australia', Journal of Policy Modeling, 27(3): 285-308.

Refereed chapters

Giesecke, J.A. and Madden, J.R. (2013) 'Regional computable general equilibrium modeling'. In PB Dixon and DW Jorgenson (eds). Handbook of Computable General Equilibrium Modeling (pp. 379-475). Amsterdam: Elsevier.

Giesecke, J.A. and Madden, J.R. (2007) 'Regional adjustment to globalization: developing a CGE analytical framework'. In RJ Cooper, KP Donaghy and GJD Hewings (eds). Globalization and Regional Economic Modeling (pp. 229-261). Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

Madden, J.R. (2006) 'Australia: Central Fiscal Dominance, Collaborative Federalism and Economic Reform'. In T.N. Srinivasan and J.S. Wallack (eds.) Federalism and Economic Reform: International Perspectives (pp. 85-142). New York: Cambridge University Press.

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Conference presentations

Giesecke, J,A. and Madden, J.R., (2013) 'Modeling the impacts on a US state economy of an industry incentive program during a recession', presented at 60th Meeting of the North American Regional Science Association, Atlanta GA.

Tran, N.H., Roos, E.L., Giesecke, J.A. and Madden, J.R. (2013) 'Can temporary visas be an effective policy instrument for regional development?: a general equilibrium analysis', presented at 60th Meeting of the North American Regional Science Association, Atlanta GA.

Giesecke, J.A., Griffith, J.A. and Madden, J.R. (2012) 'Development of a large-scale dynamic fiscal CGE model of Florida using IMPLAN data', presented at 9th Biennial National IMPLAN User’s Conference, Bloomington MN.

Giesecke, J.A. and Madden, J.R. (2011) 'Regional economic impacts in the presence of interregional migration: a CGE explanation', presented at 58th Meeting of the North American Regional Science Association, Miami FL.

Madden, J.R. and Gwee, E. (2010) 'A spatial CGE model for assessing the vulnerability of regional economies to transport system failures', presented at 57th Meeting of the North American Regional Science Association, Denver CO.

Professional memberships

  • Regional Science Assiociation International (Pacific Regional Science Conference Organization President, 2010-2011; International RSAI Council, 2002-2007; Australia & New Zealand Presient 1999-2000)
  • Economic Society of Australia (President, Tasmanian Branch 1986-1988)

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Industry experience

John has completed around 130 studies, including for various Australian Commonwealth Government departments, all Australian State Governments, the Malaysian Government, the Florida Legislature, and private organisations (e.g. Business Council of Australia).

Areas of expertise

  • Computable General Equilibrium modelling
  • Fiscal federalism
  • Regional economics

Contact details

(03) 9919 1427