Dr John Martino is a CRN Scholar within the Victoria Institute and a Senior Lecturer in College of Education.

He has taught in a range of settings and institutions for nearly two decades. He is an active researcher with a special interest in information technology and new media (video games) and their impact on young people and society.

Dr Martino is currently working on a long term project examining the impact of militarization on society, in particular the impact that military themed or oriented video games and emerging digital technologies have on the culture of young people and the broader society.

Dr Martino has been successful in winning both internal Victoria University and external research grants from agencies such as ARC, NCVER and Vic Health.

He has published in the fields of teacher education, educational policy and the political sociology of technology and education. He recntly published a book for Peter Lang, New York: War/Play: Video Games and the Militarization of Society.

In 2008 he was awarded an Australian Teaching and Learning Council (ALTC) national citation for his "Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning".

Recent publications


Martino, J., (2015), War/Play: Video Games and the Militarization of Society. Peter Lang, New York.

Book chapters

Martino, J., (2009) "Virtual Worlds – New Possibilities in Pre-service Teacher Education". In F. Sanjakdar (et al.) ed. Digital Portfolios – Reconceptualising Inquiry in Pre – Service Teacher Education. Pearson Education Australia. Melbourne.

Martino, J. (2008) "Catching the Wave: Social Media in the Classroom". In N. Yelland, Eva Dakich & Greg Neale (Eds). Rethinking Education with ICT: New Directions for Effective Practice. Sense Publishers. Rotterdam. 2008.

Conference proceedings

Martino, J., (2012) "Video Games and the Militarisation of Society: Towards a Theoretical and Conceptual Framework", in ICT Critical Infrastructures and Society. Springer. p. 264-273.

Martino, J., (2011) "No Place for Noobs: Computer games and the Militarization of Youth Culture". 6th Global Conference: Visions of Humanity in Cyberculture, Cyberspace, and Science Fiction. Oxford, United Kingdom.

Martino, J., (2011) "Gaming and the Militarization of Youth Culture: Some Initial remarks". IADIS International Conference ICT, Society and Human Beings. Rome.

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Teaching responsibilities

Year 3 Course Advisor

Unit Advisor for:

Postgraduate research supervision

Dr Martino is currently supervising two PhD students and co-supervising three PhD students.

Research grants

Internal funding grants from Victoria University in 2001-2012, totalling $3,000.

External research grants from Vic Health 2006 – 2010 totalling $272,242.

Professional memberships

  • Association for Curriculum Supervision and Design (ASCD)
  • International Peace Bureau
  • IFIP Technical Committee 9: ICT and Society (WG 9.10: ICT Uses in Peace and War)

Industry experience

  • Secondary School Teacher 1985-1990
  • Tertiary Academic 1990-1991, 1998 - current
  • Policy Analyst 1994-1998. 

Media appearances

Vic Health web interview "Connected Lives" Project

Areas of expertise

  • Humanities Pedagogy
  • Militarization
  • New media
  • Political sociology
  • video games
  • Young people
John Martino

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