Jenny is a creative writer and academic. She writes and publishes short fiction, short memoir, narrative non-fiction and academic articles.

Her creative writing research is interdisciplinary and engages with cultural studies, fat studies and gender studies. Her research and writing areas include feminism and the body, gender and sexual diversity, and fat bodies.

Her creative and critical work has been published in national and international journals such as Overland, Meanjin and Going Down Swinging.

She has been curating literary reading events that focus on topics such as non-binary gender and sexuality, taboo, and diverse body size for the past decade, for festivals such as Fringe and Midsumma.

Jenny is currently writing short memoir and narrative non-fiction articles, which will contribute towards a narrative non-fiction book on fat bodies in Australia.


A selection of Dr Jenny Lee's work is presented below.

Refereed journal articles

Lee, J. (2013). Beyond binary genders: reviewing the medical management of intersex infants, The International Journal of the Humanities, Common Ground. 9 (12): 137-149.

Lee, J. (2012). A big fat fight: the case for fat activism, Overland Journal 207.

Lee, J. (2012). Not just a type: diabetes, fat and fear, Somatechnics, Edinburgh University Press. 2 (1): 80-83.

Lee, J. (2011). Mainstream fictional depictions of intersex experience: representations and real lives, The International Journal of the Humanities, Common Ground. 8 (11): 169-183. 

Refereed chapters

Lee, J. (2015) ‘All the way from (B)lame to (A)cceptance: diabetes, health and fat activism’ in The Politics of Size (edited by R. Chastain). USA: Praeger.

Lee, J. (2015) ‘Hidden and forbidden: alter egos, invisibility cloaks and psychic fat suits’ in Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism (edited by H. Hester & C. Walters). England: Ashgate Publishing.

Lee, J. (2014). Flaunting fat: sex with the lights on, Queer(y)ing Fat Embodiment (edited by S. Murray, C. Pause & J. Wykes). England: Ashgate Publishing.

Conference presentations

Lee, J. (2016) ‘Clinging to fat acceptance: experiences of fatness and early motherhood’, International Fat Studies Conference: Identity, Agency and Embodiment, Massey University, New Zealand.

Lee, J. (2015) ‘Performing Fat Activism in Australia’, 17th International conference on Humanities, Cape Town, South Africa.

Lee, J. (2012). Flaunting fat: sex with the lights on, The Taboo Conference, University of Bologna, Italy.

Lee, J. (2012). Embodying stereotypes: memoir, fat and health, Fat Studies: Reflective Intersections, Massey University, New Zealand.

Lee, J. (2011). Fat acceptance and Health at Every Size activism through women’s art, performance and creative writing in Australia: an autoethnographic exploration, Debating Women: Past and Present, University of Madeira, Portugal.

Short creative publications

Lee, J. (2013). Origami Fortunes in Clones, Fairies and Monsters in the Closet (edited by B. Olver). USA: Big Pulp.

Lee, J. (2013). My Life as a SuperheroClones, Fairies and Monsters in the Closet (edited by B. Olver). USA: Big Pulp.

Lee, J. (2008). Our Father, Going Down Swinging, Melbourne, 18-22.

Lee, J. (2007). Shrinking, Verandah 22 and HarperCollins Literary Award, Melbourne, 24-28.

Lee, J. (2007). Confessions of a Female Serial Killer, Verandah 22, Melbourne, 66-68.  

Selected literary event publications

Fat Out Loud: Spoken Word (2016). Palmerston North City Library, International Fat Studies Conference, New Zealand.

Dangerous Curves Ahead: Readings (2011). Bar Nancy, Midsumma Festival, Melbourne.

Words on Tap: Victoria University Postgraduate Readings (2011) Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne.

Bodies Abound: Readings and Art Exhibition (2010). Aurora Gallery, Fat Studies: A Critical Dialogue conference, Sydney.

Come As You Are: Readings (2007-10) Dante’s Bar, Midsumma Festival, Melbourne.  

Teaching responsibilities


Postgraduate research students and fellows

Dr Jenny Lee has completed supervision for the following students: 

  • 4 PhD
  • 4 Honours.

She is currently completing supervision for the following students:

  • 3 PhD

Professional memberships

  • Australasian Association of Writing Programs
  • Victorian Writers’ Centre

Appearances in the media

  • Print: Jenny’s expertise is often used in the media. She has been quoted in a variety of publications such as The Age and The Conversation.
  • Television: ABC ‘You can’t ask that’, 2016
  • Television: SBS Insight, ‘Fat Fighters’ aired on 28 May, 2013. 
  • Film: K. J. Drinkwater, Aquaporko! The documentary, 2013.
  • Selected radio: 3CR, Women On The Line, The Obesity Panic, 4 February, 2011. 


Areas of expertise

  • Fat studies
  • Feminism and the body
  • Fiction
  • Gender and genre
  • Literary Studies
  • Memoir
  • Narrative non-fiction