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Dr Jason Bennie

Dip Recreation: Sports Coaching & Management (Victoria University), BSc Exercise Science: 1st Class Hons (Victoria University), PhD: Behavioural epidemiology (Deakin University)

Research Fellow, Active Living & Public Health Program, Institute of Sport, Exercise & Active Living (ISEAL) & Research Group Leader: Sedentary Behaviour

Dr Bennie joined ISEAL’s Active Living and Public Health Program in December 2013. He is a public health scientist with a PhD in Behavioural Epidemiology (Deakin University). He has previously held postdoctoral positions at the Physical Activity and Behavioural Epidemiology Laboratories, Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute and the Prevention Research Collaboration, University of Sydney, Sydney Medical School.

Dr Bennie’s research has a public health focus in which examines physical activity-related behaviours within the context of the behavioural epidemiological framework. His current research interests include:

  • the epidemiology of muscle strengthening activities.
  • population monitoring and measurement of health behaviours.
  • chronic disease prevention through physical activity participation.
  • designing and implementing large-scale physical activity interventions.
  • translating and ‘scaling-up’ health-related research into policy and practice.

Within the ISEAL’s Active Living and Public Health Program, Dr Bennie is leading the Sedentary Behaviour Research Group and The FIT & WELL Study (FITness industry, public health and WELLbeing study) – a research collaboration ISEAL and Fitness Australia.

Dr Bennie has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science (Honours in muscle physiology). Prior to pursuing his academic studies, Jason previously worked as a gym instructor, exercise physiologist, sports scientist and strength and conditioning coach.

Recent Publications

Peer reviewed published articles

Bennie, J. A, Pedisic Z, Suni JH, Tokola K, Husu P, Biddle SJH, Vasankari T. 2017. Self-reported health-enhancing physical activity guideline adherence among 64,380 Finnish adults and older adults. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports (In press).

Bennie, J.A, Pedisic Z, van Uffelen JGZ, Charity MJ, Harvey JT, Banting K, Vergeer I, Biddle SJH, Eime, R. (2016) Pumping Iron in Australia: Prevalence, Trends and Sociodemographic Correlates of Muscle Strengthening Activity Participation from a National Sample of 195,926 Adults. PLoS ONE 11(4): e0153225. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0153225.

Bennie, JA, Pedisic Z, Van Uffelen JGZ, Gale J, Banting, LK, Vergeer I, Stamatakis E, Bauman AE,  Biddle, SJH. (2016). The descriptive epidemiology of total physical activity, muscle-strengthening exercises and sedentary behaviour among Australian adults - results from the National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey. BMC Public Heath. DOI: 10.1186/s12889-016-2736-3.

Bennie, J. A, Thornton LE, van Uffelen JGZ, Banting LK, Biddle SJH. (2016). Variations in area-level disadvantage of Australian registered fitness trainers usual training locations’. BMC Public Health. 16 (1):1-7.

Biddle, S. J. H., Bennie, J. A., Bauman, A. E., Chau, J. Y., Dunstan, D., Owen, N., Stamatakis, E., & Van Uffelen, J. G. Z. (2016). Too much sitting and all-cause mortality: is there a causal link?. BMC Public Health. 2016; 16: 635.

Conference presentations (selected)

Bennie, J.A., Pedisic, Z., van Uffelen, J.G.Z., Banting, L., Vergeer, I., Biddle, S. (2015). Adult participation in physical activity and muscle strengthening exercises: results from the Australian National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey. Oral presentation. 20th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) Malmö, Sweden.

Bennie, J.A., Pedisic, Z., van Uffelen, J.G.Z., Banting, L., Vergeer, I., Biddle, S The descriptive epidemiology of strength training participation among Australian adults – preliminary findings from the Australian Health Survey: Physical Activity, 2011-12. International Society for Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA), Edinburgh, Scotland.

Bennie JA, Chau, JY, van der Ploeg HP, Stamatakis E, Do A and Bauman, A (2014). The prevalence and correlates of low-active/high-sit individuals among European adults - A comparison of 32 Eurobarometer-participating countries. Oral presentation. 5th International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health, Rio De Janerio, Brazil.

Bennie JA, Chau, JY, van der Ploeg HP, Stamatakis E, Do A and Bauman, A (2013) The prevalence and correlates of sitting in European adults -A comparison of 32 Eurobarometer-participating countries. Oral Presentation. International Society for Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA), Belgium, Ghent.

Bennie, JA, Hardy, L Wen, LM, Baur, L, & Rissel, C (2013). Cadence of mother-child dyad physical activity and sedentariness: results from the Healthy Beginnings Trail. Australian Health Promotion Association National Conference, Sydney, Australia.

Technical documents

St.George A, King L, Bennie JA, Porters C, Hing L, & Mc Nicholas J (2013). Evaluation of the effectiveness of disseminating workplace health promotion resources to businesses. Prevention Research Collaboration (PRC), the University of Sydney. 

Bennie JA, Hardy L & Bauman A. (2013) Sedentary behaviours and health – an evidence brief. Australian National Preventive Health Agency (ANPHA), The University of Sydney.

Research grants

2013     Sydney School of Public Health, Travel Award ($3,500).

2011     RTEC Travel Award, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute ($1,000).

2006-9  PhD Research Scholarship, Australia Post-Graduate Award ($52,875).

Appearances in the media

Get Fit at Home, Weight Watchers Magazine, July 2011

Professional Bodies 

  • Vice President: Early Career Scientists Group, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute (2011-12)
  • Sports Medicine Australia (2011-present).

Journal reviewer

Dr Bennie regularly reviews the following journals:

  • Preventive Medicine
  • Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport
  • Health Promotion Journal of Australia
  • Journal of Environmental and Public Health
  • Australian Physical Activity Network (AusPAnet).

Areas of expertise

  • Behavioural epidemiology
  • Physical activity & exercise
  • Preventive medicine
  • Sedentary behaviour
  • Translational research

Contact details

+61 3 9919 4662