Dr Jannique van Uffelen is a Senior Research Fellow in Active Ageing at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL). Jannique examines the benefits of an active lifestyle, defined in terms of sedentary behaviour and physical activity, for active and healthy ageing. She uses a variety of research methods, including systematic reviews and quantitative and qualitative methods. Her two main areas of expertise are:

  • Active ageing: the role of physical activity, exercise and sport for physical, mental and cognitive health
  • Sedentary behaviour and health

Within these two areas of expertise, Jannique's research focuses on:

  • Determinants of a healthy lifestyle
  • Associations between a healthy lifestyle and (changes in) health
  • Age-related health problems, including cognitive decline and dementia, decline in functional status and chronic disease
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating lifestyle interventions

Jannique's peer reviewed publications on PubMed.

Jannique's publications include a book chapter, 36 journal articles, 26 conference presentations and 14 conference co-presentations.

Recent publications

Refereed journal articles

van Uffelen JGZ, van Gellecum Y, Burton NB, Peeters G, Heesch KC, Brown WJ. Sitting-time, physical activity and depressive symptoms in mid-aged women. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2013;45(3):276–281.

Bolam KA, van Uffelen JGZ, Taaffe DR (in press). The effect of different exercise modes on bone density in middle-aged and older men: A systematic review. Osteoporosis International. 2013;24:2749-62.

Maher C, Burton NW, van Uffelen JGZ, Brown WJ, Sprod JA, Olds TS.  Changes in use of time, activity patterns and health and wellbeing across retirement: Design and methods of the Life After Work study.  BMC Public Health, 2013;13:952. 

Heesch KC, van Uffelen JGZ, & Brown W (in press). How do older adults respond to Active Australia physical activity questions? Lessons from cognitive interviews. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. Accepted 16/1/2013.

Brown WJ, Burton NW, Sahlqvist S, Heesch KC, McCarthy KB, Ng N, van Uffelen JGZ.. Physical activity in three regional communities in Queensland.  Australian Journal of Rural Health, 2013;21(2):112-20.

Refereed chapters

Chin A Paw, MJM, & van Uffelen, JGZ (2008). [Exercise programs for the frail elderly: a systematic review]. In J.J.X.R. Geraets, A. Nieuwboer, J. Nijs, C. Veenhof & C.P. van Wilgen (Eds), Jaarboek Fysiotherapie Kinesitherapie, p. 249-266. Bohn Stafleu van Loghum: Houten. (Bookchapter, Dutch)

Conference presentations

van Uffelen JG(2012) Member of organising committee, International Conference of Physical Activity and Public Health (ICPAPH). Sydney, Australia.

van Uffelen JG (2012) Social interaction and physical activity in women in their seventies. 45th Australian Association of Gerontology National Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

van Uffelen JG (2012) Concurrent and prospective associations between sitting time, physical activity and depression in mid-aged Australian women. 4th International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health, Sydney, Australia.

van Uffelen JG (2012) Physical activity in active and insufficiently active older Australians: why, how, with whom and where? 8th World Congress on Active Ageing, Glasgow, UK.

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Research grants

Olds TS, Brown WJ, Maher C, van Uffelen JGZ, Burton NW.  (Jan 2011-Dec 2014).  Retirement activity planning:  a randomized controlled trial. ARC Discovery Projects (DP110101738).  Yr 1 $96,385; Yr 2 $66,385; Yr 3 $66,385; Yr 4 $66,385.

Postgraduate research students and fellows


1 MPhil and 1 PhD student

Professional memberships

  • Editorial board member Journal of Aging and Physical Activity
  • Editorial board member of Frontiers in Public Health Education and Promotion

Appearances in the media

Scivee vodcast, August 2013

Areas of expertise

  • Behavioural epidemiology
  • Physical activity
  • Population health
  • Sedentary behaviour
  • Systematic reviews

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