Dr Elmira Jamei holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Built Environment from Deakin University. Before being appointed to Victoria University, she contributed to teaching and research in Architecture and Urbanism across Australia and Asia, where she also practised as an architect and urban designer in diverse design companies.

She has been the project leader and key researcher in several national and international collaborative projects within Australia, China, Singapore, and Malaysia. Her specific research interest lies in sustainable built environment, climate sensitive urban design and smart cities. She has published numerous book chapters, refereed research publications and has received several awards for excellence in research.

Elmira’s research expertise are aligned with industry-funded projects and the outcomes of the projects directly inform her teaching.

Teaching responsibilities


  • Building Design Documentation, NBD1101
  • Building Contract Documentation, NBD2002


  • Built Environment Communication and Skills, NBD1100
  • Built Environment 1, NBD2100
  • Architectural History and Analysis, NBD2001
  • Built Environment 2, NBD3100
  • Urban Design and Development, NBD3200
  • Building Design Project 1, NBD3102
  • Building Design Project 2, NBD3202


Co-supervision of 1 Master (Honours) and 2 PhD candidates

Research grants

Designing sustainable communities - learning from the greenest city in Asia (Singapore), Commonwealth of Australia, Project leader and planner, 2017

Urban form and micro-climate in a tropical planned city, Administrative Capital of Malaysia, Project partner, 2012


Refereed journal articles

Jamei, E., Seyedmahmoudian, M., Horan, B., Mortimor, M., Stojcevski, A. (2017) Potential for Virtual Reality in creating resilient and smart sustainable cities, Sustainability Journal

Jamei, E.,  Rajagopalan, P. (2017) Investigating the impact of urban development on pedestrian thermal comfort, Solar Energy

Jamei, E., Rajagopalan, P., Ossen, D. R. (2017) Investigating the effect of urban configurations on the variation of air temperature, International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment

Jamei, E.,  Rajagopalan, P.,  Seyedmahmoudian, M., (2016) Review on the impact of Urban geometry and landscape design in cities on pedestrian thermal comfort, Renewable and Sustainable Energy reviews

Jamei, E.,  Jamei Y., Rajagopalan, P., Ossen, D. R., Roushenas, S. (2015) Effect of built-up ratio on the variation of air temperature in a heritage city, Sustainable cities and society journal

Conference presentations

Jamei, E., Seyedmahmoudian, M., Horan, B., Thirunavukkarasu, G. (2017) Creating renewable green cities, A Review, The 10th International Urban Design Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland

Jamei, E., Rajagopalan, P. (2016) Urban planning and pedestrian thermal comfort - a study of growing Melbourne city, 4th Countermeasures of Urban Heat Island, Singapore

Jamei, E., Rajagopalan, P. (2015) Urban growth and pedestrian thermal comfort, Australasian Society of Architecture Conference (ASA), Melbourne

Jamei, E., Rajagopalan, P. (2015) Evaluation study of numerical modelling system, PLEA, Bologna, Italy

Jamei, E., Rajagopalan, P. (2015) Investigating the impact of the height of urban blocks and various green roof coverages on the comfort level at pedestrian level, Building Simulation Conference, Hyderabad, India

Jamei, E., Sachdeva H., Rajagopalan, P. (2014) CBD greening and air temperature variation in Melbourne, International PLEA Conference, Ahmedabad


Areas of expertise

  • Sustainable built environment
  • smart cities
  • environmental urban planning and design
  • urbanization and climate change
  • Thermal comfort
  • Urban heat island
  • renewable energy in built environment
  • virtual reality in built environment

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 5847