Efrat lectures and teaches at the College of Arts & Education. Her research focuses on science education and sustainability education.

In science education she studies informal science learning, particularly university-led STEM outreach. In sustainability education, Efrat is interested in school-community environmental education partnerships, and local capacity development.

Efrat participates in developing and teaching units in STEM and sustainability education for preservice teachers.

Recent publications

Refereed journal articles

Eilam, E., Bigger, W.S., Sadler, K., Barry, F., & Bielik, T. (2016). Universities conducting STEM outreach: A conceptual framework. Higher Education Quarterly.

Eilam, E. & Barry, F. (2016). Females’ exclusion from physics: Examining two deterring factors. The New Educational Review, 44(2), 40-51. DOI: 10.15804/tner.2016.44.2.03.

Sadler, K., Eilam, E., Bigger, W. S., & Barry, F. (2016). University-led STEM outreach programs: Purposes, impacts, stakeholder needs and institutional support at nine Australian universities. Studies in Higher Education, DOI:10.1080/03075079.2016.1185775.

Lynch, J., Eilam, E., Fluker, M., & Auger, N. (2016). Community-based environmental monitoring goes to school: Translations, detours and escapes. Environmental Education Research, DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2016.1182626.

Eilam, E. (2015). Measuring the level of complexity of scientific inquiries: The LCSI index. International Journal of Science and Environmental Education, 10 (1), 1-20.


Eilam, E. & Trop, T. (2011). The influence of environmental schools on their communities. Thesis book. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co.

Other publications

Eilam, E. & Moran, O. (2010). A syllabus in urban agro-ecology: A program for high school matriculation. The Israel Ministry of Education. Jerusalem: November, 2010.

Eilam, E. & Doron, D. (2004).Implementing education for sustainable development in Israel's education system. Director General's Directive. The Ministry of Education and Sport and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Jerusalem: January, 2004.

Eilam, E. & Doron, D. (2004). State competition for environmental education award in the school system. Director General's Directive. The Israel Ministry of Education, and Sport and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Jerusalem: January, 2004.

Eilam, E. & Scheffer, S. (2003). A guide to Lessepsian migrants. Published for project MEAL (Mediterranean; Environment; ALN; Learning) - an environmental education project of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.


Teaching responsibilities

Efrat teaches in science education and sustainability education, and coordinates minor thesis, STEM education (for the Diploma of Education course) and sustainability education.

Research grants

VU CoE Collaborative Research Fellowship, in 2016, 50% teaching relief in Semester 1.

VU Central Research Grant Scheme, 2014, totalling $26,858.

Areas of expertise

  • Science education
  • Sustainability education

Contact details

(03) 9919 2975