Dr Dimuth Navaratna is a senior lecturer in Civil/Water/Environmental Engineering and Project Management in the College of Engineering & Science. Dimuth holds a PhD from Deakin University specialising in Water and Wastewater Engineering.

Before joining VU, Dimuth worked in the water and civil engineering industries in different capacities for over 12 years. He also has over seven years of teaching experience in Higher Education (including research) in the fields of water/environmental engineering, civil/building design & construction and project management.

During his time in the industry, he has contributed to over 130 local and overseas industry and research projects. Dimuth has published a significant number of book chapters and journal/conference research articles.

Recent publications

Guest editor

Jegatheesan V., Shu L., Navaratna D., Kim, D., Zakaria Z., Bae J. (2014). Special issue on the Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering, CESE-2013: 29 Oct.–2 Nov., EXCO, Daegu, South Korea

Refereed journal articles

Navaratna, D., Shu, L., Jegatheesan, V. 2017. Estimating design parameters for sustainable operation of a membrane bioreactor treating s-triazine herbicide International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, 119: 4-15

Shu, L., Obagbemi, I. J., Liyanaarachchi, S., Navaratna, D., Parthasarathy, R., Aim, R. B. & Jegatheesan, V. 2016. Why does pH increase with CaCl2 as draw solution during forward osmosis filtration Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 104: Part B: 465-471

Navaratna D, Shu L, Jegatheesan V. 2016. Evaluation of herbicide (persistent pollutant) removal mechanisms through hybrid membrane bioreactors Bioresource Technology 200: 795-803

Jegatheesan V, Pramanik BK, Chen J, Navaratna D, Chang C-Y, Shu L. 2015. Treatment of textile wastewater with membrane bioreactor: A critical review Bioresource Technology, 204: 202-212

Nyoman M., Park K., Lee, T., Navaratna D., Shu L., Jegatheesan V., Pham N., Felicianoc A., (2014). A methodology for simulating hydrogen sulphide generation in sewer network using EPA SWMM. Desalination and Water Treatment, DOI: 10.1080/19443994.2014.922899.

Refereed chapters

V. Jegatheesan, J. Virkutyte, L. Shu, J. Allen, Y.Wang, E. Searston, Z. P. Xu, J. Naylor, S.Pinchon, C. Teil, D. Navaratna and H.K. Shon (2012). Removal of Lower Molecular Weight Substances from Water and Wastewater: Challenges and Solutions, in: Feroz, S. (Ed.), Wastewater Treatment: Advanced Processes and Technologies. Taylor & Francis Group, Oxfordshire, UK

Navaratna, D., Shu, L., Jegatheesan, V. (2010). Existence, impacts, transport and treatments of herbicides in Great Barrier Reef catchments in Australia, in: Virkutyte, J., Varma, R. S., Jegatheesan, V. (Eds.), Treatment of Micro-pollutants in Water and Wastewater. IWA Publishing, London, UK, Chapter 11, pp. 425

Refereed conference papers and presentations

Navaratna, D., Shu, Li., Baskaran, K. and Jegatheesan, V. (2012), Removal of Ametryn from wastewater using a hybrid membrane bioreactor (MBR), in Proceedings of the 2012 IWA World Water Congress, IWA Publishing, London, England, pp. 1-1

Navaratna, D., Shu, L., Baskaran, K., Jegatheesan, V. (2011). Application of a Hybrid MBR system to treat herbicides from agriculture runoffs, The 8th International IWA Symposium on Waste management problems in Agro-industries, Turkey. Conference proceedings ISBN: 978-975-561-401-4 (1.c) 

Navaratna, D., Jegatheesan, V. (2010). Removal of Ametryn using Membrane Bioreactor process & its influence on critical flux. International conference on sustainable built environment – ICSBE-2010 Sri Lanka, Conference proceedings ISBN: 978-955-589-147-9, pp 189-197.

Teaching responsibilities


Postgraduate research students and fellows


4 masters students, 3 internship students, 20 honours students

Research grants

2013: Victoria University Central Research Grants Scheme, $26.302.

Professional memberships

  • Australian Water Association (Member)
  • Engineers Australia (Member)
  • The Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (Corporate Member and a Chartered Engineer)
  • Society of Structural Engineers in Sri Lanka (Member)

Industry experience

  • Townsville Water - Townsville City Council - Queensland
    • Senior Engineer (permanent/part-time) - March to December 2010
  • Puritas Limited (Subsidiary of Haycarb PLC) – largest water/wastewater company in Sri Lanka
    • Offshore Consultant (Designing and Managing Projects) – Dec 2008 – Dec 2009
    • Project Manager/ Departmental Manager/ Section Head (Water and Wastewater Projects) – from 2005 to 2008
    • Senior Executive, Design Engineer (Water Infrastructure/ treatment plants) – from 2003 to 2005
    • Civil and Structural Engineer (Buildings and Hydraulic structures) - from 1997 to 2003

Industry project

  • Australian Textile Mills (former Bruck Textiles)
    • Project Lead on a design, consultancy and equipment supply project on treatment of textile effluent using Membrane Bioreactor coupled with anaerobic pre-treatment ($16,700)

Research interests

  • Biological wastewater treatment and nutrient removal
  • Membrane separation technologies in water and wastewater treatment
  • Removal of persistent organic pollutants from water/wastewater using membrane bioreactors (MBRs)
  • Sustainable operation of aerobic/anaerobic MBR through mitigating fouling of membrane
  • Resource and energy recovery from domestic and industry wastewater
  • Possibility of adopting advanced water/wastewater treatment technologies for low carbon footprint residential systems
  • Total factor productivity measurements in civil, building and other industries  

Areas of expertise

  • Anaerobic and aerobic membrane bioreactors
  • Biological wastewater treatment and nutrient removal
  • Gas generation in sewer systems
  • Membrane separation in water and wastewater treatment
  • Removal of persistent organic pollutants from water
  • Resource and energy recovery from wastewater

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