Associate Professor Marchant has enjoyed an extended connection with Victoria University (VU) since completing his undergraduate degree at FIT. Since beginning as a lecturer at VU in the 1990s he has had the privilege of working with many amazing people (colleagues and students). Associate Professor Marchant's primary discipline affiliations are sport psychology and sport coaching. He is an academic all-rounder equally interested in teaching and learning, research and administration. Associate Professor Marchant has developed two current courses at VU; the Bachelor of Exercise Science/Psychological Studies and the Bachelor of Sport Coaching. He is also the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) representative for the College of Sport & Exercise Science.

Recent publications

Associate Professor Marchant has produced over 50 journal, book and conference paper presentations. A selection of his work is presented below. 

Marchant, D. & McLaughlin, P. (2014 March). Innovative Strategies to Inform Practices in Australian Football, International Sport Coaching Journal, 1, 1, pp 17-23.

Marchant, D., Maher, R. & Wang, J (2014). Choking in Sport. In A. D. Papaioannou & D. Hackfort (Eds). Routledge Companion to Sport & Exercise Psychology, Routledge, UK.

Mesagno, C. & Marchant, D. (2012). Characteristics of Polar Opposites: An Exploratory Investigation of Choking-Resistant and Choking-Susceptible Athletes. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology 23, 4.

Sundstrom, L.J., Marchant. D. & Symons, C (2011). Play But Don’t Stay: Women Leaders in Australian Sport. In M Burke,. C. Hanlon., & C. Thomen (Eds). Sport Culture & Society, Approaches, Methods and Perspectives. Maribrynong Press, Melbourne.

Tod, D., Andersen, M.A. & Marchant, D.B.. (2011). 6 Years Up: Applied Sport Psychologists Surviving (and Thriving) after Graduation. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 23,1, pp 93-109.

View Associate Professor Marchant's full publication list in the Victoria University Research Repository.

Recent grants 

  • Marchant, D., & Berry, J. (2012-1013). Umpire Retention in Community Football. Australian Football League Research and Development Board, $14,000.
  • Symons, C., Marchant, D., & Sundstrom, (2008-2011).Overcoming Barriers for Women Sport Coaches, Officials, and Administrators:  A Grounded Theory Approach, $60,000.
  • Ball, K., Marchant, D., & Farrow, D (2011-2012). Further Developments in AFL Kicking. Australian Football League Research and Development Board, $18,000.

Teaching responsibilities

Daryl coordinates the Bachelor of Sport Coaching and teaches the following units:

Postgraduate research students and fellows


10 Ph.D, 16 MA, 5 Hons.

Current Postgraduate Student and Projects:

  • Maher, Rouhi. Choking and Regulatory Effects in Clutch Situations, Ph.D
  • Wilcox, Alyse. Attributional Case Studies with Elite Junior Australian Rules Football Players and Coaches. Professional Doctorate.
  • Poulton, Katherine. The Application of Choking Theory in Performance Domains. MAP.
  • Zulakbal Bin Abd Karim. Development Stages of Australian and Malaysian Soccer Coaches, Ph.D.
  • Wan Faizal Iskandar Wan Abdullah. Understanding the coach-athlete relationships (CARs) from the perspective of Australian coaches, Ph.D.
  • Natalia Kremenchutskaya Smoothing Troubled Waters: An Action Research Intervention to Facilitate Coach-Parent Relationships in Sport, Ph.D.

Industry experience 

Daryl is an experienced applied sport psychologist having consulted widely in elite sport (particularly AFL football and athletics).

Appearances in the media 

Daryl frequently provides expert commentary for radio stations and daily newspapers on sport psychology related themes; especially during main events (e.g., Olympic games, AFL Grand Final, Australian Tennis Open).

Areas of expertise

  • Anxiety/choking in sport and sport attributions
  • Applied Sport Psychology
  • Development of coaching expertise
  • practitioner development and supervision
  • Psychology of Coaching
  • psychometrics (testing tests)

Contact details

+61 (3) 9919 4035