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Dr Con Hrysomallis

B App Sc (FIT), M App Sc (VicMelb), PhD (VicMelb)

Lecturer, College of Sport & Exercise Science

Con Hrysomallis is a lecturer in kinesiology in the College of Sport and Exercise Science. Along with that he has an interest in resistance training, injury prevention, impact biomechanics and Australian rules football.

Recent publications

Hrysomallis C. (2013) Injury incidence, risk factors and prevention in Australian rules football. Sports Medicine

Crow JF, Buttifant D, Kearny SG, Hrysomallis C. J (2012) Low load exercises targeting the gluteal muscle group acutely enhance explosive power output in elite athletes. Strength Cond Res. Feb;26(2):438-42.

Ball K, Hrysomallis C. J (2012) Synthetic grass cricket pitches and ball bounce characteristics. Sci Med Sport May;15(3):272-6.

Hrysomallis C. J (2012) The effectiveness of resisted movement training on sprinting and jumping performance. Strength Cond Res. Jan;26(1):299-306.

Hrysomallis C. (2011) Balance ability and athletic performance. Sports Med. Mar 1;41(3):221-32. 

Hrysomallis, C., Buttifant, D and Buckley, N. (2006) Weight Training for Australian Football. Lothian Books. Melbourne.

Areas of expertise

  • Injury risk factors in sport
  • Kinesiology
  • Shock absorption of protective sports equipment
  • Weight training

Contact details

+61 3 9919 4816