Celeste Young is Collaborative Research Fellow at Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies. She is a sustainability/climate change professional who works as a communication and operational specialist with a particular interest in innovation and the use of creative and business processes.

Her primary work focus is with trans-disciplinary projects across diverse stakeholders to build a greater understanding and capacity. She has worked for organisations such BAE Systems, the Western Alliance For Greenhouse Action (WAGA), the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research (VCCCAR) and most recently, Victoria University as a Research Manager and Researcher with the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) project 'Valuing Adaptation Under Rapid Change'.

Celeste has developed a number of strategies and plans related to sustainability and Climate Change for organisations including RMIT University, VCCCAR, WAGA, Envirogroup and Victoria University. She has also developed a number of programs relating to the communication of climate change and implementation of actions. Her program Smart Sustainable Secure received a BAE Recognition Achievement Award and her innovation learning program, Council Connections was recently featured in the Victorian State Adaptation Plan.

Her communication framework which was presented in poster form at the NCCARF Conference 2012, Adaptation in Action and won the best overall poster prize. This framework was based upon successful communication processes across industry, the arts, not for profit organisations, government sectors and research bodies. It is currently used by researchers and practitioners in the adaptation sector globally and has been translated into Spanish. Her particular research interests are: Innovation, communication and implementation in the area of sustainability and climate change.

She has experience working in diverse sectors such as government (all levels), research, community, arts and industry sectors and has extensive networks as a result. Celeste has a particular interest in the Western Region of Melbourne where she has lived for the last 18 years.

Celeste speaks regularly at seminars on the subjects of communication and implementation relating to climate change and sustainability. She has served on a number of steering committees and has been a Board Member of Platform Youth Theatre.

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