Catherine Abourizk is the elected student member of the University Council. She has been a council member since August 2020. 

Catherine is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Business with her dissertation focusing on access to justice for young people involved in motor vehicle accidents. She holds a Certificate IV in Special Education from RMIT in 2014 and graduated high school from Genazzano FCJ College in 2013. 

Catherine was elected as the 2019 President of the Victoria University Student Union (VUSU), and previously held elected positions as General Secretary and Women’s Officer. Some of her major achievements are the ‘We are stronger than fear’ mural, and commencing the ‘Be A Better Human Campaign’ at Victoria University, a campaign based on empathy, consent and respect. She contributed and supported the Building Respectful Futures Together Strategy 2020-2023 with Respect & Responsibility, as well being actively involved in the design and implementation of the Consent & Bystander Awareness Modules.

Catherine sat as the student member of the Learning and Teaching Quality Committee and has been the student member of many Student Appeal Panels. Catherine has been an active member of the Student Reference Group for Gender Equality since early 2018.

Catherine has completed the LEAD Program at Victoria University and was awarded the Raj Kannan Leadership Scholarship from Victoria University in 2018.