Caroline works with researchers at Victoria University, applying for grants and project funding for the Australian Health Policy Collaboration and the Victoria College of Health and Biomedicine. She has worked at all three levels of government, including at senior executive level – Area Director, Population Health, Planning and Performance, Hunter Area Health Service; federal level Health Advancement and Rural/Agricultural Policy).

Caroline worked in a federal Minister’s Office (Aged Care) and for a national NGO as CEO (Alcohol and other Drugs Council) – lobbyist/advocate. She was lecturer/researcher at Sydney School of Public Health in Health Promotion. 

She has worked as a development aid worker in technical/management roles in eleven countries (mainly post-conflict/fragile states) – Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, PNG, Sri Lanka, East Timor, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, China and Laos, mainly doing capacity building, institutional development and reviews/proposal development, with a focus on public health and HR.

Caroline's experience includes:

  • community worker (nurse/health educator)
  • service and program manager
  • policy analyst
  • campaign manager
  • planner
  • reviewer. 

Her focus has been on health, community and rural/regional development. She has coordinated development of national plans for Agriculture, Food and Fibre and for Health Advancement, with all levels of government, industry and NGOs. Caroline's reviews have included:

  • agricultural levies
  • service planning for hospitals
  • AQIS shipboard inspections. 

She has managed campaigns, including:

  • smoke-free workplaces
  • healthy lifestyle
  • Agriculture-Advancing Australia. 


Refereed journal articles

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Refereed book chapters

Fitzwarryne C. (2010) Review of the Primary Health Care and Family Planning Project of the Chars Livelihood Program (CLP), DFID, Maxwell Stamp and Bangladesh Government. 27 Feb 2010 – Published on CLP website.

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Conference presentations

Fitzwarryne C . (2001) Reducing Substance Misuse by Indigenous People. Keynote Paper, The 2001 Indigenous Substance Misuse Conference, November 2001, Sydney.

Fitzwarryne C. (2001) Bottoms up: The Powerful Way to Develop and Advocate Policy. Paper presented at National Australian Association Executives Conference, Canberra May

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Fitzwarryne C. (1985) The resource allocation implications of health strategies for Health for All by Year 2000. Paper ANSEARCH national conference, August, Canberra

Professional memberships

  • Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Association of International Health Advisers

Areas of expertise

  • Public health
  • Population health
  • Health research proposals
  • Health reviews
  • Community development
  • Health promotion

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