Mr Bob Kumar is the Regional Coordinating Magistrate for the Hume Region, Victoria. He is responsible for the governance, co-ordination and management of the Hume Region's Magisterial presence. He is the Senior Magistrate at the Broadmeadows Magistrates' Court Complex in Broadmeadows.

Prior to his appointment as a Victorian Magistrate, Mr Kumar practiced as a Barrister at Law in England as a member of Lincoln's Inn. Prior to this, Mr Kumar held the following positions:

  • 1975-1976: Crown Counsel, Department of Public Prosecutions, Fiji
  • 1977-1981: Senior Legal Officer, Public Solicitor's Office (Victoria)
  • 1981-1986: Senior Legal Officer (Criminal Law Division), Victoria Legal Aid.

During his tenure as a Victorian Magistrate (1986-1992) and as Regional Co-ordinating Magistrate (1992-present), Mr Kumar has been personally instrumental in either developing or implementing innovations in Magisterial Court procedures in Victoria. He implemented the Criminal Diversion pilot program at the Broadmeadows Magistrates' Court in 1996 and developed and introduced the Contest Mention System to the Victorian Criminal Justice System in 1992.

Mr Kumar has been a long serving member of the Advisory Committee of the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre. Mr Kumar has been a supporter of the Victoria Law School and its Legal Skills Program. Mr Kumar has made available Court workspaces and resources for the Victoria Law School and its students. Mr Kumar is an outstanding leader in the legal sector.