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Professor Andrew Stewart

BPhEd/BEd (Hons) (UniStrath), PhD (UniOtago), Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Dean, College of Sport & Exercise Science

Professor Stewart is the Dean of the College of Sport and Exercise Science at Victoria University, Melbourne. He has an extensive competitive, coaching, scientific, and administrative background in high performance sport; including representing Scotland at both swimming and rugby; coaching international swimmers in Scotland and New Zealand; a BPhEd/BEd (Hons) from the Scottish School of Physical Education (1986), and a PhD from the University of Otago (1997); Director of the Scottish Institute of Sports Medicine and Sport Science (1997-2000); and General Manager of High Performance Sport at Millennium Institute of Sport and Health, New Zealand.

Professor Stewart has a vast support history with athletes of different sporting backgrounds around the globe. His service includes Head Exercise Physiologist and Chair of Sports Science & Medicine Great Britain Swimming (1997-2001); an Invited Research Fellow at the United States of America Olympic Training Centre (1992); Head Exercise Physiologist of the New Zealand Swimming Academy (1990-1996); Chair of New Zealand Federation of Sports Medicine (Otago) (1994-1995); and conditioning consultant to the Otago Rugby Football Union (1993).

Professor Stewart has a renowned international reputation on topics related to monitoring training load, periodization, tapering, over-training/reaching, injury, and return to play. His outputs comprise 28 journal articles; 4 book chapters (incl 2 as Editor); 5 scientific reports; 36 international & national conference presentations (8 as keynote); and in excess of 100 presentations mostly to national sporting organisations in applied research matters.

Recent publications

Recent refereed journal articles  

Lazarus, B., Aughey, R. J., Stewart, A. M., and Hahn, A. G. Quantifying external load using accelerometers in combat sports. Under review. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance.

Lazarus, B., Aughey, R. J., Hopkins, W. G., and Stewart, A. M., Modelling win-loss records over multiple AFL seasons.  Under review. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance.

Rudsits, B. L., Hopkins, W.G , Stewart, A.M, Hautier, C.A., Rouffet, D. M. Force-velocity relation during maximal leg cycling exercise: is it really linear?Under review. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports.

Aughey, R. J., Elias, G. P., Esmaeili, A., Lazarus, B., & Stewart, A. M. (2015) Does the recent internal load and strain on players affect match outcome in elite Australian football? Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 

Recent refereed chapters

Mujika, I., & Stewart, A.M. (2015) Tapering and its impact on performance.  In: The Science of Swimming Faster (Eds. S. Riewald, & S. Rodeo). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

Chatard, J-C., & Stewart, A. M. (2011) Training load and performance. In: World Book of Swimming: From Science to Performance (Eds. L. Seifert, D. Chollet, & I. Mujika). New York, NY: Nova Science Publications.

Recent conference presentations

Rowell, A., Cormack, S, Stewart, A.M., Hopkins, W.G., & Aughey, R.J. (2015). The impact of elite A-League football match-play on countermovement jump performance and salivary cortisol and testosterone response. 8th World Congress on Science & Football, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lazarus, B.H., Stewart, A.M., Hopkins, W.G., & Aughey, R.J. (2015). Match success in Australian Football: a 14-year analysis. 8th World Congress on Science & Football, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mujika, I, and Stewart, A. M. (2013). Modern day periodisation.  Invited Keynote American College of Sports Medicine, Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

Jacobs, I., & Stewart, A. M.  (2012). Effects of Isometric Contraction on Stress Relaxation of the Plantar Flexors.  American College of Sports Medicine and World Congress on Exercise is Medicine, San Francisco, CA.

Teaching responsibilities

Professor Stewart has delivered numerous lectures in multiple courses for topics related to monitoring training load, periodization, tapering, over-training/reaching, injury, and return to play criteria.

Coordination and teaching responsibilities: 

Postgraduate research students and fellows 


  • 4 PhD students (2 as Principal Supervisor, 2 as Associate Supervisor).
  • 44 Masters/Minor Thesis/Hons students (24 as Principal Supervisor, 20 as Associate Supervisor).

Current supervision

  • Principal Supervisor for 5 PhD students.
  • Associate Supervisor for 2 PhD students.

Research grants 

Professor Stewart has been a leader of or contributor to numerous research and consultancy projects related in particular to high performance sport in Scotland, United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand, and Australia with a total funding income of ~ $AUD 2 million.

Professional memberships

  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • Exercise and Sports Science Australia


Areas of expertise

  • Injury and return to play criteria
  • Monitoring training load
  • Over-training/reaching
  • Periodization
  • Statistics and research design
  • Tapering

Contact details

+61 3 9919 5200