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Alan McWilliams

Certificate of Hospitality Operations (Drysdale house), BA (UTas), Graduate Diploma Business Administration (Swinburne), Master of Industrial and Employee Relations (Monash)

Lecturer, College of Business


Book chapters

Henderson, F, McWilliams, A & Xing, Y 2011, 'Harmonising Chinese & Australian ideas about learning in the workplace', in C Clark & J Zhou (eds), Internationalization of China's Higher Education: Challenges for Sino-foreign Joint Educational Programs/Institutions, Liaoning University Press, Shenyang, China

Henderson, F & McWilliams, A 2008 in Aitken, D & Mitchell, J (eds) The Diamond Database: One Hundred Innovations for Teaching and Learning at Victoria University

Williams, C. and McWilliams, A. 2010. MGMT Asia-Pacific Edition. Cengage Learning, Melbourne Australia

Journal articles

O'Mahony, B., McWilliams, A. and Whitelaw, P.A. 2001, "Why students choose a hospitality-degree program." Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly 41(1):92-96”

O'Mahony, B., Whitelaw, P. A. and McWilliams, A. 2008, “The drivers of program selection in hospitality management at Victoria University” Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education 2008 Vol. 20 (3): 5-10

Journals edited

Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education (2008 Vol. 20 No. 3) A special issue entitled “Hospitality management program selection: an international perspective” which was co-edited with Barry O’Mahony and Paul Whitelaw

Refereed conference publications

Faux, J & McWilliams, A 2011, ‘Leadership in Higher Education: Preliminary findings from Malaysia’, paper presented to IABC 2nd International Accounting and Business Conference, Puteri Pacific Hotel 16 – 17 February 2011, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

McWilliams, A & Henderson, F 2009, 'Harmonising Chinese and Australian Approaches to Learning in the Workplace', paper presented to 23rd ANZAM Conference 2009 'Sustainability Management and Marketing' Crown Promenade Hotel 1 – 4 December, pp. 1-186. ISBN 1863081577

Henderson, F & McWilliams, A 2008, 'Enhancing student engagement with industry: a curriculum approach to scaffolding employability skills', in WACE Asia Pacific Conference "Work Integrated Learning (WIL): Transforming Futures", 30 Sept-3 Oct, Manly Pacific Hotel, Sydney, pp. 189-97

McWilliams, A & Henderson, F 2008 Management Student' Engagement with Industry: an embedded approach to scaffolding employability skills. In: Proceeding ANZAM 2008: Managing in the Pacific Century. ANZAM, Sydney. ISBN 1863081488

McWilliams, A & Henderson, F 2007, 'Extending student engagement with industry: a curriculum approach', paper presented to Partnerships for World Graduates, RMIT, Melbourne, November

Henderson, F & McWilliams, A 2007, 'Integration of Content and Academic Requirements into a Student Resource', Proceedings of Independent Learning Association, 5th-8th October, Kanda University of International Studies, Chiba, Japan ISSN 20737513

McWilliams, A & Henderson, F 2006, 'A problem based learning (PBL) approach to lectures in a large first-year business subject', in ISANA, International Education Association 5th - 8th December, Sydney

McWilliams, A & Henderson, F 2006, 'Collaborative Approaches to Subject and Course Development Practices at Victoria University', in J Kennedy & L Di Milia (eds), 20th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM): Management, Pragmatism, Philosophy, Priorities, Queensland

Henderson, F & McWilliams, A 2006, 'Enriching the learning for offshore students in a 1st year Management subject', in ISANA, International Education Association, 5th -8th December, Sydney

McWilliams, A & Henderson, F 2005, 'Collaborative Integration of Content and Academic Requirements: Management and Organisation Behaviour at Victoria University', in D Davies, G Fisher & R Hughes (eds), 19th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM): Engaging the Multiple Contexts of Management, Rydges Lakeside, Canberra

Professional experience

Lecturing since 1990, previously working in various management and HR roles within the hospitality industry as well as a period of HR experience within the Tasmanian State Public Service.

Teaching responsibilities


Undergraduate unit: BMO1102 Management and Organisation Behaviour

Professional membership

  • Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM)



Areas of expertise

  • Employee relations management
  • Management education
  • Team based organisations

Contact details

+61 3 9919 1479